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    Newb Here

    :welcome!: nice looking car. JG
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    Intro & Hello

    :welcome!: JG
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    New to the Audi Camp

    :welcome!: Enjoy driving your A5. :racer: JG
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    :sign welcome: Nice car, enjoy. JG
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    Newbie Misano Red Pearl 8l

    :welcome!: Lovely motor, enjoy. JG
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    New member

    It's now on auto trader, with a reduced price. JG
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    New member

    Keep an eye on the classified section. There's an S3 for sale at the moment. JG
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    New member

    :welcome!: JG
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    What did you do to your audi today

    Looks so much better on a white car. JG
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    RS3 Owner in Scotland

    Yes, that is a bit far, especially when they'll need your car for 3-5 days. Prices do vary on this type of work, it's a good idea to get various quotes, but IMO the best one to go for is by word of mouth, from people who have actually had work done by the detailer, not online reviews as these...
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    RS3 Owner in Scotland

    Aye, getting the paintwork right can be an expensive job, but worth it. Try defined details in Cambuslang, if you're getting it done, wee Gordon will have it looking brand new. JG
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    RS3 Owner in Scotland

    Looking good mate. :thumbs up: JG
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    RS3 Owner in Scotland

    I quite like the black & white combo :thumbs up: JG
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    RS3 Owner in Scotland

    :welcome!: JG
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    3.0 tdi remap advice

    I don't think your Insurance company could tell if you had an extra 30hp, well, not unless you tell them...... :whistle2: JG