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Jan 23, 2021 at 1:16 PM
Feb 3, 2014
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Jan 23, 2021 at 1:16 PM
    1. Ryan Heywood
      Ryan Heywood
      Hi, looking to get some a scan done and some faults cleared on a A3 8v and potentially a rear view camera fitted on a Q5? Would you be able to help? Ryan
    2. Daniel James
      Daniel James
      Hi mate wondered how much the skins were? they look really good ?
    3. CameronA38P
      Hello mate, just wondering if you could help with VCDS at all. After change on the indicators so they alternate on the rear? S3 8V. Seen this done before if possible? Im in Rochester myself
    4. Marco Ribeiro
      Marco Ribeiro
      Hi do you do component protection removal on Audi A6 c7 it’s I’m retrofiting cluster and how much
    5. Dinobigbelow
      Hi Jay, having nightmares with the missus A4. P0321 coming up. Crank/Cam sensors changed and ignition coils but still comes up. Will VCDS be able to find the actual fault??? Cheers, Dino
    6. Rayvinten
      Hi jay I live in Chatham
      And need my steering angle sensor reset. Had 2 tyres put on and tracking done but still comes up faulty. Could u do this plz. Don't mind paying for the service etc as won't reset without vagcom. And it's the wife's motor
    7. Jojocooper
      Hi Jay, I've got a Q3 on a 61 plate and am looking to upgrade my parking sensors. They're currently just audible but I'd like the sensors to show on the screen display. Can you help me please? Thanks, Jo
    8. Karenxp
      Hi Jay. I'm in Maidstone. Would you be able to help me to clear an air-bag warning light please. I had to remove my glove-box to change the pollen filters and the light has been on since. I've got an Audi A6 2004. Thanks.
    9. Patrico777
      Hi im in Westgate on sea thanet kent would u be able to code leaving and coming lights for me on my audi a3 s line black edition 61 plate no auto lights do u no how to code it pls
    10. Luke Armansin
      Luke Armansin
      Hi jay. I’m looking to make a few VCDS tweaks I’m not too far from you, are you able to help out at all?
      Cheers. Luke
    11. globalste
      Hi Jay, I got an email with an offer for the puddle rings but can't find your post, you may have withdrawn it, not sure.
    12. Oliver sharp
      Oliver sharp
      hello jay, I live not to far away from you, would I be able to get some fault codes from you for a drink? I'm new to all this but got a few issues with my audi a3, would be amazing if I could get a text from you 07977821265
    13. Robbyb
      Hello there buddy. You live about 2 miles from me. You seem to be the man on here. Just wondering if you could help me with my Audi A4 estate s line 2007. I would like to update the SatNav but I've read loads on here that there are many fakes. Can you recommend where I can buy it from? Also do I need a vag com to install it? I believe the sat nav is the original for the car. I live in chattenden.
    14. Jimboo

      I live in Kent are you the man for the vag programming ?
      If so could you post me a contact number please

    15. NESTA
      Hi. I have been hunting for a while now for someone to run a VCDS on my audi 80 Convertible electric roof. If your near by rochester, can you help out
    16. Rafiq Bhatti
      Rafiq Bhatti
      Hi there.
      I live in Rochester. Im looking to have my mmi system run video in motion in my audi A7 2011.
      Can you help?
    17. biada76
      Hello Jay, may I have your help to code by VCDS the Cruise control on the steering and ECM module on my A3 my2010? I can obviously give you a contribution. I'm in the Medway (Kent) area. Please send me a PM or email: stefano.chiadini@gmail.com
    18. biada76
      Hello, I need VCDS to set the Cruise control on the steering and ECM module on my A3 my2010 . Can you help me please? thanks
    19. Thomas Aarbig
      Thomas Aarbig
      Hi. I just wondered if u could tell me how to get a hold of the s3 grill silver edition.. I saw a post of yours...

      send me answer in thomas.aarbog96@gmail.com thanks
    20. Kalashnikov
      Are you about tomorrow f o.k. r vcds help? Where about are you located. Am near Romford thx
    21. Ferno
      jay i need a vcds check on my 2011 r8. wanted to come see you today. can you pm me your number? thanks
    22. stoikafloring
      Hi there ,
      I just saw your post about the Genuine Audi RS3 aluminium grille. Is this still available?

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