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    Audi Connect monthly cost after 3 month trial...Any ideas?

    Not been on here for a while. The address I used back in 2016/2017 was:
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    Audi A4 B9 rear windows problem.Anyone else?

    Have you cleaned the car recently? The same happened recently on mine (both rear windows with same behaviour - one touch not working and if I held the button down they would judder). I put it down to too much wax on the windows (I had used one of these wash and wax shampoos). Gave them another...
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    Lovely car. Drivethedeal are offering over 25% discount on these. Suspect a new one would come in just under £40k. Over a 4 year PCP, With a GFV of £19.5K (estimated bases on audi finance figures) 10000 miles a year at 4.9% APR, this would be around 550 a month with 0 deposit. The higher APR on...
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    New owner questions

    My 3 years are nearly up too. I just got in touch with audi cs via Twitter, giving them my VIN number. They’ve said they will extend the licence.
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    IOS 13.1 Audio issues

    What iOS app are you using to play the playlist? Deezer, spotify, Apple Music? My guess would be that this is an issue with the specific music app in iOS 13 car play, rather than the Audi MMI.
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    New MY2020 Facelift...

    Is it a case that the dipping mirror comes with folding mirrors, as @cuke2u says. Whereas auto-dimming mirrors needed the memory seat pack?
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    S4 driving in France

    According to this link, the led’s have a flat beam and do not need adjusting for LHD or RHD.
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    Decisions, decisions...

    @cuke2u - Good news! I've been following this thread with interest. Like you, I've gone A3 --> A4 and not sure where to go next (I have around 11 months left on my PCP). Have also been looking at the CLA250. Lovely looking car, especially with the pano roof. Did you have a test drive? Would be...
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    E brake won’t release without seatbelt?

    Keep your foot on the brake when manually releasing? Does that work?
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    Accident Ahead

    Ah, thanks. Found it:
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    Accident Ahead

    Ok thanks. I was thinking if this is some sort of Audi connect feature rather than a change to the car itself?
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    Accident Ahead

    No, I don’t have the SOS features.
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    Accident Ahead

    Thanks - Thought this was the case, but I’ve never seen this before. Maybe I’ve just been lucky...or they are rolling out new features?
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    Accident Ahead

    Nope, audi navigation was not active. (Was just my normal commute home). Just trying to google to see it I can find a screenshot of the warning message...
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    Accident Ahead

    So on the way home yesterday I got a warning tone and an image on the VC saying “Accident Ahead”, with what also looked like a gps/satellite symbol. The image only lasted a few seconds and then disappeared. Mine’s a 66 plate and I’ve never seen this before. Is it something new or have I just...