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    Audi A3 E-tron

    Interesting. I was trying to find out how the 'Hybrid Auto' mode actually worked. Does it make any difference to the MPG on long journeys at all? i.e. if you're travelling at 70mph for a 30 mile trip, does it get pushed along with a bit of electric assistance or nothing at all until the speed...
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    Tested e-tron for the weekend, bought a Golf GTE!!

    Interesting - does your car charge at the full rate (i.e. 30A) ok? I did read a post somewhere where someone had a 32A Rolec and borrowed an e-tron, tried it and it only worked for 16A charging??
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    Tested e-tron for the weekend, bought a Golf GTE!!

    having just looked at the prices of the charging cables themselves I certainly think i'll be getting the one with the tethered 5m cable attached!! It might be a bit of a stretch on my driveway. I really need to and measure things out properly with a 5m bit of string !!
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    Audi A3 E-tron

    sounds good. Lincoln Audi were telling me at the weekend that it was the ACC which was being problematic as Audi hadn't figured out how to get it to talk simultaneously to both electric drive and engine drive when on, so when one cut out and the other cut in the ACC was disabling itself...
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    Tested e-tron for the weekend, bought a Golf GTE!!

    Rolec - see here I just prefer the look of their wall units. Trying to decide between having one with just a socket on or one with a 5m cable attached
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    Tested e-tron for the weekend, bought a Golf GTE!!

    Keyless - no problem with it technically, just don't like it (read: haven't got used to it yet) The GTE is great value when compared to the E-Tron. Yes it comes with adaptive cruise as standard too, but remember it doesn't include Navigation of any kind in the base price, and it adds c.£1700 on...
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    Tested e-tron for the weekend, bought a Golf GTE!!

    Evening everyone Well, as a current owner of an Audi 8v S3, which is great, I thought I'd try an e-tron as my local dealer offered me a borrow of it for the weekend. Wow - what a car. A great mix of economy and turn of speed and I never thought I'd say it, but the serenity of wafting along in...
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    Nearly signed on the dotted line then had a colour flashback problem....

    Got to be Sepang out of those two choices. Just buy a Meggs G220 polisher to keep it looking nice and treat the paintwork nicely (i.e. no mechanical car washes and use 2 bucket method yourself) and it will be fine.
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    Soon to be a new S3 owner,question best options?

    that is a serious point re the gearbox, as I only got the s-tronic box because the majority of my driving is in stop/start queues and I also got the adaptive cruise control which pairs up with the auto really nicely - right down to 0mph stop/start etc. The car just drives itself along. If i...
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    S3 door mirror question

    yep, they do get expensive once you get a decent spec sorted out, but it does make the overall experience better
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    Auto headlights - temperature sensitive?

    i've noticed that too, but I just generally let them get on with whatever they want to do these days. I find if i'm driving towards very low bright morning sun they tend to be on, but if the sun is behind me they are off. It must be something to do with the UV they are picking up, unless it is a...
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    S3 DSG Gearbox

    Yep - my old 996 Turbo had those, totally ridiculous, rocker switch on the steering wheel up/down for +/- - stupid germans!
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    S3 DSG Gearbox

    Ok I can't resist any longer Why on earth would you use the stick in manual mode at all when you've got paddles behind the wheel meaning you can keep both hands in the right place to have maximum control?? Oh and lets not start the debate about which hand should be up and down shift or if they...
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    S3 - Efficiency mode DOES work!

    I have found that the current winter temps are hitting the MPG a little - no doubt due to the slower engine warm up to operating temp. I now tend to average around 31mpg in mixed driving in my SB Stronic S3, which does get up to 35-36 on a motorway run.
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    Andy's Panther Black S3

    looking at your pics on here really shows me how much i need to get outside and wash mine - it's absolutely filthy dirty :( But it also is awesome in the snow here it the Midlands too.