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    Gloucestershire Police

    Hi, Just wanted to give a shout-out to Gloucestershire Police. Pulled me yesterday due to discrepancies with my docs, valid. We're nice guys who just wanted to make sure my car wasn't stolen :) When you experience bad things it's cool to know there are good people out there doing a good job...
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    My first ever modification!

    You'd need to fit (and connect) a GPS module. When I had RNS-E I had a separate dongle connected in-place of the CD changer for bluetooth streaming but not calls IIRC. I expect you'd also need to code it in with VCDS or similar. It is worth noting that it is quite a dated unit/software now. The...
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    Downsize the turbo to boost earlier.

    just swap cogs with those from another gearbox of the same type made for a different engine. obviously the maths would need to be done but that is it.
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    Number plate

    "RR1" would need to be 158mm wide (as an absolute minimum). Other than that seems legit to me and is my understanding. I had to check this recently before I got my 'short plates', mine are 360mm wide.
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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    never get round to posting as never ‘done’. 95% led conversion (except xenons), fogs awaiting access, but in-hand. my11 rear lights. ‘s3’ 5d reg/plates. cruise retrofit. speedline refurb in hyper w/new ‘chrome’. firmware upgrade to h/u.
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    Downsize the turbo to boost earlier.

    maybe, but once it goes to the garage they’ll have a couple of hours of wtf...
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    Downsize the turbo to boost earlier.

    No, I have an S3... <———————— 181k, 20k/yr, my advice would be drive 1 gear down. Otherwise, there are much more efficient cars if spending some money. I used to do 40k/yr. Probably not what you want to hear, but if I we’re you, and head governed heart then I’d probably get nearly new Astras...
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    Downsize the turbo to boost earlier.

    In theory it does make sense that a smaller turbo would spool-up quicker. The car would need to be custom mapped in addition though plus you’d need to undo it all again when selling-on, that or try to sell what most people will find a somewhat confusing proposition. Seems that most remaps are...
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    S3 front fog light bulb replacement (honeycomb grille)

    how on earth do you remove the s3 honeycomb fog light grilles? I've seen a pdf guide for s-line type and also some mentions of squeeze and release. with the honeycomb ones I can see what looks like a release (couple of cm wide and couple of mm high, just big enough for a flat-head screwdriver...
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    What are Rota Wheels Worth

    Apologies, my bad. Would not have thought you could get a set of decent alloys for £550 without the need to refurbish, that is a winner. For the record, I’m not a rotor fan either. But as you may have guessed, I prefer any well made alloys to any ‘disposable’ alloys.
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    Buying advice: A3 2007/2008 S-Line

    Sounds good. Listen to yourself though, If you're not 98% then walk away. Listen to the engine, test the brakes, do the electrics work properly? if these feel off, or the seller seems like he is BS-ing you, then there'll be another along soon enough. If he's legit though then sounds reasonable...
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    340mm TTRS brake upgrade

    Best of luck. I've been tagged by all sorts over the years, does not matter how good your brakes, acceleration etc. is, in most of the (all, and only) non-fault accidents I've had.
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    Buying advice: A3 2007/2008 S-Line

    I wish it wasn't a dice roll, experience says otherwise! Are you able to verify the claims of the seller? Does he have his own mechanics/garage/verifiable feedback etc.? If so, sounds like as good a bet as any.
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    340mm TTRS brake upgrade

    What BHP is your car? Remember that good brakes are only as good as the person behind you!