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    A4 Avant detailed today

    Nice. Scuba blue?
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    B8 Facelift rear bumper

    For some reason that's the way they are all comming through. i queried mine and have since seen 3 more the same. Does look like its missing........
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    Need some help/advice

    I would get a report from a VBRA member body shop then submit that to Audi UK and Highland Audi. i'm sure Ashgrove are members. i don't know how you can prove the repair wasn't done after delivery except your word but as said previously, any repair should be logged against the VIN number. I...
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    Rust spots?? help!!

    I've seen that on a Focus and it was traced back to when it was transported from the factory to the port in Germany. The pantograph that picks up the overhead power on electric trains often throws sparks off. is there the same on the glass?
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    Newbie tail lights question.

    Hi all, Can the tail lights be enabled to come on with the daytime running lights? Anyone got the code? Scandanavian spec or something? Away to take delivery of a new Black Edition Avant next week and the dealer seemend bemused...... Cheers, Hax.