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    Audi A3 1.8TFSI Black Edition 5Dr *engine misfire*

    Hi all! I am selling my Audi A3 as it has developed a misfire and I can't afford to run it! The car is on finance so will need to be cleared. Any help will be much appreciated on best places to sell as I really am looking for the best price. The car is in great condition otherwise...
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    Hi all! i have a 1.8 tfsi black ed...72k on clock. ive sadly got the burning oil have been topping up oil every month or so! however, friday i had a strange hesitation when idle...couple of days later on start up the engine was misfiring real bad. Called out RAC and all was ok...
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    Audi 8P 1.8T Black Smoke!!

    Thank you all. I did imagine something to do with a head rebuild. I’ll contact Audi. Anyone got any tips? & around 5L yeah! I do a lot of miles. But still!
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    Audi 8P 1.8T Black Smoke!!

    hi all! I have an audi 2010 a3 8p black edition 1.8TFSI petrol around 70k milage. Been running a dream since i got it at 30k, regular services no major work However - it RUNS through oil. Id say 5L every 2-3 months. Ive coped but enough is enough. Also - when idle and rev the car - puffs of...
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    A3 8P - Do not exceed 4000RPM

    Yes! Your message is reassuring! Thank you. I will keep an eye on it and hopefully be near VCDS the next time i get the message!
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    A3 8P - Do not exceed 4000RPM

    Are there two oil sensors? I replaced one (blue) when i serviced it - no affect
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    A3 8P - Do not exceed 4000RPM

    ALL! I keep receiving an error message on my Audi a3 black ed 1.8t 2010 Petrol It says do not exceed 4000rpm. However when i switch the car off and on it goes away. There is NO epc light when this comes on. Its happened on and off for about a year now. One thing that might be related i...
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    Audio quadlock to DIN adapter with BOSE speakers?

    Hi Jay, Did you install in the end? Ive got same HU and same car with Bose Install is good but ive got interferrence and lack of bass Ive ordered ground loom isolators heard they help Let me know how your install went Thanks
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    Bose Sound - Aftermarket Head Unit Interferrance

    all! I have an Audi 8P A3 Black Ed 1.8T. Concert as standard and full bose! Now, the bose system worked great. Good bass. But i needed a better HU! So, I purchased Sony XAV-1000 I’m all connected, speakers are working. However 1) I have the whine noise. I believe this is due to bad...
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    Hayes, Middlesex UB3 - post code
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    hi all! My audi 1.8t 8p has the red airbag warning light, however it says passanger airbag is on. Earlier this kept going off and on. Tried resetting with key, ive scanned it and it has said faulty switch Would like to know if anyone has vagcom and can scan it? I’m in the hayes area willing...
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    hi jazz was wondering if you was willing to offer ur vagcom to scan my audi? im in hayes, got a...

    hi jazz was wondering if you was willing to offer ur vagcom to scan my audi? im in hayes, got a warning light that disappeared but i still think there is an issue, engine governing light kind regards
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    A3 8P Engine Governing Warning Light

    Dear all, recieved the following warning light on my 1.8T last night, with no EPC light, just a warning saying do not go over 4000RPM. Since, it has not returned but i am yet to drive it back on a motorway. Was wondering if anyone has a VAGCOM they are willing to scan? I am in the hayes area...