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    whats my one worth?

    No one got an opinion on it :huh:
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    whats my one worth?

    My car has a higher than average mileage and I was thinking of asking £3'500 for it. It's a 2003 2.0FSi SE in black with 153'000 on the clock, service history up to 129'000. I'm away to stick 12 months mot and tax on it at the end of the month. I've retro fitted HID's and day light running...
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    My A4 19''s and low !

    cool :cool: what offset are they and spill the beans on where to get em then
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    My A4 19''s and low !

    are they 8.5" front and 9.5" rear?
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    B6 L.E.D lights

    I was looking at doing the led strip in the headlamps but was warned off of those ebay specials as most of them are for left hand drive but they say they will fit right hand drive. I then bought some of the universal led strips but when I tried them with the factory headlamps it just didn't look...
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    mmi initializing problem with iPod

    Is this Audi AMI to use with the Mobridge or instead of. I've got access to Ross tech vag-com will this help? edit: Do'h I should have searched before asking Does the AMI work with the CD changer or would we loose that and does it really need a new glove box? pm me a price if you can.
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    mmi initializing problem with iPod

    we put in 98 04/2008 8k0 906961A but still doing it?
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    mmi initializing problem with iPod

    Hi folks, Can anyone help with a problem with my friends A6. Had a Mobridge iPod kit fitted to the car a while back but have had the same problem on and off, almost every time the car is started the display comes up with mmi initializing and stays like that for a good 30 minutes. We have had...
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    Rear Isofix Fitting Guide

    are the parts/part numbers the same for saloon ?
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    Rolling road days?

    Is there any days organised in the future for the forum? The main reason I ask is, that with my other car (Nissan 200SX) the local division of the owners club organise regular rolling road days, and the past couple they've done have been V's days. Basically they invite another car club/forum...
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    vag com help

    guessing no is the answer then :(
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    If you use hub-centric spacers then it wont be a problem as both the wheel and the spacer will locate to the hub assembly, but if you use universal flat spacers you could get some movement which could result in problems. I've got 15mm hub-centric spacers on my one and its perfect.
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    vag com help

    Got a shot of my mates laptop and his copy of vag com (think it's 805) I tried to programme the day light running feature via the country option but I don't get what i was wanting. If I programme it for Canada i get the side lights and fog light to come on and if I programme Sweden etc I get...
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    LED running lights

    I've seen on this board that its mostly hate and not love for LED style running lights and I agree when not on a Audi or Porsche (Saab's just look wrong anyway) but when fitted to Saxo's and the like :puke2: But I wanted to try them so I did. These were a universal strip that can be applied to...
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    Another vag com help

    I did a quick search after you said coil pack and found on other threads similar problems that I've had in the past week (really rough idle with bad vibration) I've ordered a coil pack and had a quick look over the pipes but nothing obvious.