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    a3 8l doors panel

    hello i need doors panel with good condition for my car cant find in my country they are very rare now days, i have 1.8t 98 for 12 years i want to keep if someone is selling or breaking ther cars please contact me
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    agu big turbo engine management

    i have 98 agu with k04 , im going to put a big turbo like gt2871 what better to go with emerald k3 plug and play kit or me7 .5conversion i have already full engine and lamda loom ecu cluster and gas pedal with the sensor maf coolant from aum car , but im afarid to end up with a car that deos...
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    vcds or vag com 409 wont connect to any controller

    i have very weird problem cant connect to any controller with vcds or vag com though in the test it shows ok and interface found iv been using it for 4 years with no problem/ i tried today vw tool very old software and it connects and work just fine. and vag commander works fine so far tried 2...
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    Help Going From Me3.8.3 To Me7.5

    an update i bought already pedal with accel sensor aum ecu,clocks ,alarm,door lock and key aum engine loom tt throttle body knock sensors ,coolant temp sensor, lambda and maf, coils pack and cooling fan relay. i have injectors too but i understand i need spacers for agu manifold. vvt and sai...
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    need some help with logs 1.8t agu

    What is the safe range ?
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    need some help with logs 1.8t agu

    k03 hybrid similar to franken turbo
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    need some help with logs 1.8t agu

    hey i just did a log after i replaced the n75 with mbc and increased the boost to 1.6bar(was 1.4 with n75) i have alot of knocks why is that ?with n75 i have zero in all 4 cly its only 0.2 bar more the car feels stronger and run perfect . is this too risk to drive? the car vr6 maf saab...
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    spark plugs condition after 30km

    what do you think ? after some searchs cant decide if its ok or not i also have a smoke problem after stay at idle for 5-10min and then drive a big puff white smoke with oil smell and then disappear i think this a turbo no coolant loss and oil seems stable too. 1.8t agu
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    vr6 maf sensor on 1.8t agu

    not on dyno. the weird thing im reading max 152-153 g/s with vr6 sensor and agu sensor. with the agu housing i could reach 187 and other tune. the car feel stronger though
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    vr6 maf sensor on 1.8t agu

    update im using the vr6 maf and sensor all works fine.
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    Me 3.8.3 rant

    deos this replace the stock ecu or what?
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    vr6 maf sensor on 1.8t agu

    ok ill try and update you.
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    vr6 maf sensor on 1.8t agu

    thanks for the help i thought i could use the sensor becuase its new...
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    vr6 maf sensor on 1.8t agu

    deos the vr6 maf sensor works on an agu engine? i bought a complete vr6 mk3 maf sensor and housing can i use with out replacing the sensors? they has same connection . and the car is tuned for vr6 maf,