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    2.0tdi ECU OBDII remap - It's here!!!

    There is no current route to preserve the Audi warranty, some dealers will arrange tuning and turn a blind eye. That is regardless of the supplier it is not unique to AMD or any other tuner. In some European countries Audi dealers have a close relationship with ABT and do offer upgrades 'within'...
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    Seatbelt warning light

    Did you go above 30mph ?
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    Rogue A3 or normal?

    Yak I think Audi decided to punish us UK types with a set of problems that our LHD chums have not been treated to.
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    Rogue A3 or normal?

    If it is an early new A3 you probably have squeaky window seals to look forward to as well.
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    2.0TDI engine tickover query

    Could it be the Climate Control kicking in, that will often change the tick-over.
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    TomTom Sat Nav.

    I have used two GPS "safety" devices both of which have had no problem with the windscreen in the new A3. Therefore would assume that the TomTom Bluetooth GPS will have no problems getting a good view of the necessary satellites.
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    questions about DVD/RECORDER?

    Andy is it your time of the month ?
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    Needed, bits and pieces......

    MTM ( do a spacer kit for the new A3 complete with bolts. I believe the exhaust tips need to be welded in place, the existing ones need to have the welds cut to remove them. I have a set of Eibach lowering springs (unused) if you are interested.
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    Bose® 174-watt premium 7-speaker - retrofitable ?

    Why would you want to retro fit the Bose ? You could replace the speakers, sub, amp etc with far better components than Bose for less money than the factory option. BTW the headunit & changer are no different to the non-Bose components. But to answer your question, yes it is theoretically...
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    A3 2.0T FSI 3dr

    In 3 door form its a very new car.
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    cold mornings

    The drivers/passenger door squeak/noise is a known problem on the new A3, the door seals need to be replaced, take it to the dealer and it will be done under warranty. I've had the passenger door one done, its now silent, still waiting for the part for the drivers door (which squeaks like a...
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    cold mornings

    The little button with the windscreen symbol on it down on the bottom left of the panel will boost the climate output and should speed up things. Otherwise you will need to wait until the engine warms up or use the manual control (which will only push cold air around faster). Looks like you...
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    New owner - couple of Q's

    If the 'nasty' mats you are referring to are the textured rubber type you might find there is another set of mats underneath them. As for the CD changer, are you talking about copies or originals, the changer can be fussy with certain brands of CD-R. Otherwise a clean wouldn't do it any harm...
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    climate controll /digi ref counter

    Do a search on the forum you'll find a full list, which is a lot more than just speedo/rev.
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    Is it worth installing Tracker?

    Also worth considering RAC Trackstar. Each has pros and cons, at least Trackstar can tell you where your car is at all times, whereas Tracker needs to be activated and then intercepted by a properly equipped Patrol car. Both can be disabled relatively easily if the thief can find the box and...