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    My New Noggy S3

    And I've got an armrest
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    My New Noggy S3

    I had one of these in Nagaro blue for 4 years and loved it I bought the genuine audi RS4 wheels for mine and it made the car look and handle so much better, I sold it 3years ago when I ordered my RS3 but still have the genuine un marked 18" RS4 wheels + centre caps for they cost me nearly £2500...
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    Next rs3

    They made 500 and then made an extra 250 due to demand....
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    What do you do for a job?

    Piping Engineer working in construction in the middle east on petrochemical plants, oil refineries and oil field redevelopment projects
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    Michelin Pilot Super Sports or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 - Thoughts?

    Just received my MPSS today ready for fitting friday, thanks again Dave
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    Unmarked police ... in RS3

    I am going down to Croft when i get home in a few weeks i will give it another run and see what it comes back at, i have never run mine on anything but shell V-Power from the day it was new..
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    Michelin Pilot Super Sports or Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 - Thoughts?

    Dave Hedgehog You've just saved me £100 thank you very much mate, I was going to order the MPSS yesterday from camskill and I am glad I did not now after reading this thread I've just ordered them from tyre leader. Thanks again :)
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    Another brake problem!!

    I had mine replaced about 12 months ago, I had complained to Audi about this and after reading on here I rang up about the issue again quoted the 47i6 and they rang me back 2 hours later and told me the parts were now on order and to bring it down in 10 days when the parts arrived.
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    Going to improve security

    You could not tac weld under the car seat you would burn something in the car and yourself.... I would like to see somebody come up with something that could guarantee they could not be taken I'm lucky to be able to have mine in a garage every night and I do not leave it anywhere now When I...
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    Press cars and write off's

    There is a few of the press cars on YouTube you will see the registrations on there
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    Unmarked police ... in RS3

    No remap or anything just a full Miltek on it I was surprised myself... They are very quick cars I have wiped the smile off a lot of peoples faces in mine and they have been in some very quick cars.
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    Unmarked police ... in RS3

    My RS3 is not limited I've had 170mph out of it on an old run way near where I live and backed off believe me it would of went faster
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    Anything ever run in the north east?

    Definitely.. I am in newcastle...
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    VAGCars 'April Awakening' Local Meeting - A19 - The Windmill - Wednesday 2nd April

    Gutted I am not home until the 4th April :( RS3's been stuck in the garage for 10 weeks would of been good to take it for a run out
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    VAG Cars 'Sunday Roast & Rides' Local Meeting - The Windmill - Sunday 3rd November

    Any Windmill Meeting this year..???