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    Sold VCDS Hex+Can USB - Genuine Cable

    Hey everyone, Selling my HEX+Can USB VCDS cable. It is a genuine Ross-Tech cable so can be upgraded and work with the latest version of the software. It will work on all VAG cars up to 2019 model year. As it's one of the older models it is an unlimited VIN version so no restrictions there...
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    Auto glass grrrrr

    I had exactly the same thing happen the other week, loud dink nothing obvious. next day a dirty great big gash down the windscreen from the room to just below the rain sensor. Called autoglass, similar story had to tell them it was acoustic glass and had tint and rain sensor. Man turned up at my...
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    Audi s3 8v misfiring and coolant

    My S3 has 17700 miles on it and I've had the warning twice. first time I popped the bonnet and it was at the min mark so switched back on and light cleared. that must have been at about 9-10000 miles. Second time was only last week and was below the min. Drove it to Audi and they took it in and...
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    Milltek turbo-back Installed: 2015 S3 w/cat, w/o resonator, w/o valves, Oval tips

    I'd guess that you had ESC in Sport mode rather than ESC OFF mode? In Sport it won't engage the rear wheels until it detects the need, in ESC OFF with the gearbox in S it engages the rear wheels all the time, giving a better launch generally. Must say, the farts do sound a bit farty to me, but...
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    Stop/start with S-Tronic

    If you think the A3/S3 S/S kicks in to fast don't go anywhere near an RS3, it kicks in before you have actually stopped!! Very annoying when you are creeping into a space and the engine cuts so you lift the brake to re-start, then have to wait for the clutch pack and then jam the brakes on again...
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    DTUK 2.0 TFSI 280/300PS Software Update

    Hi Andrew, I've got the FSR box (jumpers not push buttons) can this be upgraded to the V3 software? Also, what's the difference between the 500-2-6 and 500-2-6DL map? Cheers Paul
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    Exhaust flaps (S3) - modify?

    Was just speaking to a couple of the guys in the office who have Golf R's and they have turned off the flaps using VCDS. There is a check box for flaps installed in the coding which they have unticked and the flaps are now open. I can't check till Sunday but anyone want to have a look and see...
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    RS3 Demonstrator Locations

    I took the one at Aberdeen out on Friday afternoon for a cheeky half hour blat. If I'm honest, I wasn't overly impressed...certainly not £10k extra impressed!! Engine sound is nice, and bearing in mind it only had 200-odd miles on it would sound nicer with time. Exhaust....meh...same problem...
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    Sat Nav Journey Time req.

    I would just say "I'll be home at 25 past 6" Not sure I really care how long i'll be in the car, but more worried about what time I'll get there at...
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    Low oil warning

    I had checked it that week but was then on the 1/4 mile for a few hard runs and a good blast on the way there so I wasn't overly surprised. Just topped up and all good. I don't understand people that don't check their oil at least every other week. It takes twenty seconds and with the rate the...
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    Low oil warning

    I got it after 7000 miles in my S3
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    8V VCDS Mods

    Just been out to have a look at this out of curiosity and I can't find it on my S3. Looked in 02-Auto Trans, 01-Engine, 03-ABS and 22-AWD nothing mentioned in Adv. Means. Blocks for Launch control in any of them. Soooo....I'm taking this to mean there is no counter and I can use it as much as I...
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    My New S3 Sportback Sepang Blue

    It is, I pulled mines off a month or so ago.
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    S3 Launch Control

    Question for those who have Start/Stop switched off via VCDS. Does the car launch without flicking the switch? Do you still need to flick the switch to get the light on? Or does LC not work with it disabled through VCDS?
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    Can't get LC to work

    yep, sounds like you haven't paused long enough holding the brake down before nailing the gas. Catches me out every so often and I launch it all the time lol :racer: