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    Heres my baby :-)
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    Sorry to hear your news mate. I'm having a Cobra Track fitted tomorrow. Chin up buddy. Daz
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    Hi all - I'm kinda' new

    Here she is :-) Daz
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    Collection of a BRAND NEW Audi A3 8V!

    Will let you know on Tuesday night :-)
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    newbie ( obviously! ) from central scotland with a TT-RS

    Yup ! I'm in a N55 White with no mods. Put my order in for a TTRS Plus on the 1st July. November delivery I think :( Yes I'm still on but have only posted on one or two topics Daz
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    newbie ( obviously! ) from central scotland with a TT-RS

    cheers mate :-) we are both ex 135i pilots too :-)
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    New RS3 Owner!

    How rude ! Can't see why the financing of said vehicle has anything to do with you. Of course, just my opinion. Daz
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    Carling Cup

    Yup :-) We just won 0-4 pre-season friendly btw Against.... Shamrock Rovers :icon_thumright:
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    Carling Cup

    Blues winning at Wembley is always worth a bump :-) Daz
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    Carling Cup

    Fantastic, awesome day :) Well done Blues K.R.O and S.O.T.V Daz
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    Nice one Mark and congrats :-) Daz
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    New Audi owner

    Congrats :) Daz
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    Just arrived!!

    Welcome Dave ! Daz
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    what previous hot hatches have you had??

    MK3 GTI 8V Corrado VR6 Storm R32 Golf Ed30 Golf Then a soon to be TTRS Plus Not until November though......... Damn Audi leadtimes :-( Daz
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    Hi all - I'm kinda' new

    Thanks mate and me too ! Daz