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    cutting rear bumper for towbar

    I have an Avus silver A6, so here's the thing.... I have a plastic swing bin in my garage and guess what its a pretty close match to the colour of my car....I now have a swing bin with a 8" x 6" hole in the back of it. Still works. When fitted the cover is down facing so no big deal for an...
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    cutting rear bumper for towbar

    Going from memory I'm pretty sure there is a template on the inside of the valance. I fitted a Westfalia removable tow bar to my A6 S line avant, I only cut a sufficient sized hole to allow the swan neck to fit and electrics to drop down. I did not want to leave an opening on the underside of...
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    Loving the Le Mans but how many

    Here is my 3L TDI Quattro Avant Le Mans.