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    CETE Valve Controller delivery times

    Ordered mine Sunday evening 3rd May and received on Thursday 7th May. Can't wait to install!
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    Rs3 valve control programming?

    would it interfere with Ghost if you have that installed as both are canbus devices?
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    Big shout out to PCW Exhausts

    And take it off?
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    Big shout out to PCW Exhausts

    Undetectable? Maybe I'm missing something, but wouldn't the insurers just look under the car?
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    Big shout out to PCW Exhausts

    Curious to know if anyone who has it done has notified their insurers? For what I think is essentially a cosmetic mod, my insurers are charging me double!!!
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    Facelift BIL11 85 Audi RS3 Build

    Your car looks wicked! Any reason why you didn't choose Audi for the service, if you don't mind me asking?
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    Big shout out to PCW Exhausts

    Makes sense. Thanks fellas
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    Big shout out to PCW Exhausts

    Didn't know the warranty could be broken down like that. So after the mod if I had a separate issue with something unrelated, lets say the mmi system, i could still claim warranty to get them to fix the mmi?
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    Big shout out to PCW Exhausts

    Hi guys, might be a silly question but.. does the PCW mod void warranty? I assume it does?
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    Ghost immobiliser

    Call or email Autowatch directly and ask them to recommend a local approved installer - best way.
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    What black is this?

    Thanks for the responses guys. Had thought Mythos (being metallic) didn't have any flecks at all, green nor purple. Thanks T, will check out the booklet and report back.
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    What black is this?

    Looking at an RS3 and I can't tell what black it is. The spec sheet has Mythos, but up close in the sun it sparkles purple/green - could it be panther instead and the paperwork is incorrect? Pic attached (ignore the swirls!). Also just saw on audi's site that the A3 is now subject to...
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    8v RS3 Spotters Thread

    67 plate ara blue alu pack sports exhaust eastbound on the A13 in London during rush hour. lovely looking car.