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  • Hi Damian.
    I'm looking at getting the Eibach Pro Spring kit. My car is a 57 Audi A3 2.0tfsi SLine (FWD). For my car there are 2 options, the only difference is the front axle weight. My car manual says the max front axle weight is 1080kg. Do I need the spring set for 1065kg or 1165kg???
    Hope you don't mind helping me out. I'll get them from you anyway, any discounts coming up?
    Thanks for your time,
    We don't have them in stock here but we can order them from H&R for you.
    Do you stock H&R lowering springs for the s3 8v saloon

    thanks james
    Afternoon James, is the kit for everyday road use? Also what car are they for? Send me a PM directly if preferred.
    Hi Damian Im considering getting some coilovers been advised by AMD Essex to go the bilstein route and to just get the b14s as KWs customer service is poor. but i was also wondering about the B16 ride control set as well what are they like?

    thanks James
    Morning, I'd say the AP kit gives a slightly better ride quality where as the Vogtland kit has a slightly better build quality.
    Hello Damian.I've got a friend with an golf mkv.He want some coils.can choose between ap and vogtland.what is the difference between them?ap's are cheaper with 50 euro.which one would you recomend.some say that vogtland are the same with st.Thank you!
    You'll need to discuss that with who you purchased the kit from or KW them selves.
    Hello again.i got a set of kw v2 in good condition.they were on a b6 1.9 tdi avant.I want to put them in my b7 2.0 tdi sedan.on kw site I saw that rear axle weight is the same:1150.they will fit ok?Thank you!
    The AP, ST by KW and KW all have the same lowering range.

    I'd go for the ST between the AP and ST kits.
    Now i have sportlinr springs.my ftg is 25.5.i am looking for 24-24.5 with 235/35/19 l.what would you choose between ap or st?some say that rear is to soft with st and te rear dont go low enough as ap or kw v1.they should be the same.Thank you!

    I guess weather or not they go low enough is really down to personal opinion.

    How low are you looking to go?
    Hello.sorry for disturbing again.i want to get st coils but somones says that on b7 the rear wont go low enough.is that true?how is that with ap coilover?if they are copy by kw v1 I think they should be the same.why they would not got low as kw or ap?Thank you!
    Hello.what do you think about h&r monotube?they are better?they go low enough?what about the ride?Thank you!
    Very similar in terms of comfort but I'd say the ST kit will give a more refined ride.

    If you were running the Sportlines on standard springs then I'd say yes.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
    Wich one is more comfortable?do you think they will be better than eibach sportline?both st and ap.??Thank you!!

    Thanks for your question.

    Both kits are made by KW in Germany with the ST X being the next level up in terms of build quality and materials used. If your budget allows then I'd say definitely go for the ST X kit as the step up in quality is noticeable but saying that the AP kit is still an excellent choice for the money.
    Hello.I have a b7 2.0 tdi fwd.now i'm runing on eibach sportlines with s line dampers.i want to go lower and i'm thinking at ap coils or st x.what do you think?which one is more comfortable?the $$ difference betwen them is worthing?Thank you!

    It will fit but the spring rates will be incorrect for the car.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
    Hi I'm after some advice does the weitec hicon ht coilovers for an audi a4 b6 avant fit the saloon version of the car.Regards
    No, you'll just need to use your existing top mounts and bearings.

    Damian @ DPM Performance

    The JOM kit will give you a better ride quality where as the FK AK Street has a slightly better build quality, both very similar kits though.

    Damian @ DPM Performance

    Im looking for a set of budget coilovers for a 2007 a3 2.0tdi and was wondering which ones you would recommend. Looking to drop around 50-60mm.

    Ok well ideally you need 32mm but we only have them available in 30mm or 35mm so you can have them slightly shorter or get the 35mm and cut them down.

    A pack of 10 delivered is £29.95.

    What size do you think would be best? And im not sure if i need radius or tappered. I dont know what you mean? I guess which ever is the same as the standard nuts just longer by 5mm? Or are things more technical than that?


    The closest sizes we have available for 5mm spacers would be either 30mm or 35mm.

    Do you need radius or tapered?

    Damian @ DPM Performance
    Hi Damian, Me again!

    I have just bouight some 5mm spacers for my Audi A3 8P and was wondering if you sell the extended wheel nuts i would need? If so, how much for 10?


    Generally the more you spend the better quality kit you'll get.

    For the money the JOM's are a good option and offer quite a comfortable ride compared to some, I'd say the V-Maxx were the next step up in terms of build quality and you'd also get a more refined ride with them as well.

    Damian @ DPM Performance

    I got your email from the audi sport net website. I've got an A3 2.0 tdi 2003 8P and I'm wanting to lower it. There's loads of conflicting info on the forum so thought I'd ask your opinion on the best road to go down, either coilovers or springs.

    I've had SPAX RSX coilovers before on a corsa and they were far too stiff and cost a small fortune. I was looking at 50mm H&R springs but they don't look to low on my car and im concerned about blowing my shocks as they have already covered 100,000 miles. Was looking at JOM's or possibly Vmaxx at a stretch but I'm concerned about them not lasting and giving a really harsh un-Audi-like ride.

    Could you please advise


    Dan Wood

    You'll get a better ride quality if you change both the springs and shocks.

    It will get stiffer but it won't be greatly different to the standard ride.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
    Hi I want to get lowering springs for my s3 8p Which has done 45000 so i was wondering if it would be better to get the H&R cup kit rather than just the springs what would you recommend. also i know it will make it stiffer but will it change the ride comfort much compared to standard.
    Thanks James
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