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    Brake discs and Pads

    Cheers for the replies lads
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    Compo/ Goodwill offer

    As the title states l.m in line for the above from Audi Customer Care in Germany????. Does anyone have experience in dealing with said Dept. Fast/Slow or insulting offers. Cheers Dean
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    Brake discs and Pads

    All discs and pads replaced Monday. No squeals up to now. Paperwork sent to me from dealer. Something about Brake disc run out???.
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    Brake discs and Pads

    Hi All. Just joined recently. Looks like a great place for info. My 20 Rs4 went into my local dealership today as the brakes are squealing badly when braking from about 25 mph to stopping. Dealer rang to say they are replacing the discs , as well as pads. Bearing in mind my rs4 has only done...