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    Looking for a tt Help please !!

    hi i have an audi tt 225 quattro (2002) convertable ive been informed (from audi ) that they are not four wheel drive all the time only when you go in to a skid or on a slippy surface .as for the car its self i love it to bits best car ive had drives brilliantly and in the summer get the roof...
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    audi tt light not workin help please

    hi thats to of us with the same problem surely some one can help out of the 30 viewers please
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    audi tt light not workin help please

    yes they are all workin just the xeozn one isnt
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    what pressure washers???

    hi i bought a halfords one thats the orange ones it was £74 it was crap bud sorry
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    audi tt light not workin help please

    hi i thought my tt blew the dipped headlight bulb but have found out there is no power to that bulb i have checked the fuse and thats ok the other head light works fine can any one tell me wat it could be many thanks davie:slapped:
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    is my turbo working?!

    hi bud he told me there should be no play at all mine had hardly any mate andit was beat
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    is my turbo working?!

    hi i have a audi tt 225 and have had a new turbo fitted the reason i had to get it was blue smoke coming out the back i didnt lose power tho i still got the whistle my girlfriends dad took the pipe off the turbo and put his fingers in and the turbines had about one millimeter of play and he said...
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    tt headlight bulb £134

    hi every one my head light dip xezon bulb blew on my tt so phoned audi for one he said £134 including vat wat a rip off and thats only for one oh and he had it in stock :w00t:
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    exellent joke if your a scottsman

    scottsman englishman irishman get granted a wish from a genie ,irishman says i wish it was sunny in ireland all the time his wish was granted englishman says i want a wall all around england his wish was granted scottsman says "genie wat does this wall consist of" genie replies its 5000 ft high...
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    three tortoises

    three tortoises ray ,jack ,ned go away for a picknick its 10 miles away and it takes them 10 days to get there they finnaly get there and open the rucksack and have forgot the tin opener ,ray sayes jack you will have to go back and get it ,jack says no way by time i get back you to will have ate...
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    blue smoke comes out back exaust when i change gear how?

    think its a turbo bud its gettin worse now its embarrising belching blue smoke when i change gear its mot and service tomorow fingers crossed how much were you to fit your turbo bud do you know if its a hard job i got a quote for it from midlands turbo they were£180 if its only the seals and...
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    blue smoke comes out back exaust when i change gear how?

    hi there thanks for replying my car is going in for a service and mot as you say change the oil and filter will it still not do the same bud hope your right tho and its not my turbo but many thanks davie
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    blue smoke comes out back exaust when i change gear how?

    hi folks my audi tt 225 belches blue smoke out the back when i change gears i dont do a lot of running about in it its done 62000 mls i prob do about 4000 a year in it is there any remidy for this many thanks davie:unsure:
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    Orgasm Simulator

    ****** brilliant
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    seat belt dampin my 225 tt convertable any explanations please

    :banghead:hi every one my passenger seat belt in my 225 tt convertable is really damp in the winter or when its heavy rain the roof is perfect so dont know how it is getting like this . has one any ideas how this is happening many thanks davie