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    Reprogramming ABS Module - A4 Avant B9

    I drove my car with the yellow warning "Drive, but talk to the garage". Then it went red and failed - no middle ground!!! I talked to Audi, and got nowhere! If they admitted liability they would have to pay all of us or do a recall. I also tried the DVSA. They said: Maybe all of us should join...
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    Reprogramming ABS Module - A4 Avant B9

    I had my unit repaired by ECU Testing. All good. No warning messages anymore. However, I would like to know what you mean by "Creaking". Is it an audible noise? I can feel a slight shudder when I press the brake pedal. Is that what you mean? Charlie
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    Reprogramming ABS Module - A4 Avant B9

    So perhaps the more of us who report it to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) , the better.
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    Reprogramming ABS Module - A4 Avant B9

    I have the same problem. £2,000+vat for the new unit and £500+vat for removal/replacement. Audi said "Tough" even though the original (non-amber) message said "Brake servo: restricted. You can continue driving. Please contact workshop", then went to a red STOP warning with no further notice. I...
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    A4 Avant B9 - Audi Dog Guard - Partition net.

    Not sure if you've actually bought this yet. I have one of these but never used it. You can have it if you can collect it. Wandsworth, London. Charles
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    Parking button reminder..

    Thanks. Never knew that. Could you point me at a page on the audi site that describes that behaviour. I did a search and couldn't find that.
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    Parking button reminder..

    I have never worked out the logic of the handbreak. Sometimes I press the stop button when the engine is on and in gear, and it goes to P and the handbreak goes on. Sometimes it only goes to P but the handbreak doesn't go on. Luckily, I live on the flat.
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    Post your B9 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I have an unused dog guard net for sale for an A4 B9. Probably easier to pick up than post. I live in SW London. Offers?
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    Metalic clicking noise from front suspension

    The noise I have is not a clicking but a whine from the front left wheel when going above 50mph. It happens when going straight and stops when turning. Would you all agree it is the CV joint? Charlie
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    French speeding tickets......

    I got two within 5 minutes of each other just outside Annecy! Temporary speed limits!! There is an app to pay them with.
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    B9 Hardwire Dash Cam

    There are two fuse panels on the passenger side. You need to find an always on fuse on the lower panel. Feeding the wire up to the mirror is not hard. Just push the wire under the trim around the windscreen. Don't remove any trim.
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    Dash Cam Wire Routing

    Thank you! Did you have a wire routing guide that helped with removing the A Frame cover and threading the wire through to the fuse location? I can't find anything on YouTube or the web. Charlie
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    Dash Cam Wire Routing

    I'm trying to piggyback on a fuse for my dashcam but none of the passenger side fuses seem to be "switched live". I have a UK right hand drive A4 B9 avant S-line Quattro. Has anyone successfully piggybacked and if so, which exact fuse did you use? Thanks in advance. Charlie
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    Unlock with phone

    How do you unlock it with the app? Do you need a particular option? How did you set it up? I've tried to do this but failed. Charles
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    no internet connection using Android Auto via USB

    I have a 2017 and use Android Auto successfully. I haven't bought any sim contract type thing from Audi. I didn't do anything special like use rSAP or the phone hotspot. I think Android Auto just uses the phone internet connection. Ie the car is just the speaker and the screen - nothing...