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    S6 C7 tyre options

    I have a 2012 3.0 S-Line Avant with standard wheels, I also found the original-fit Pirellis very noisy. I now use Goodyear EfficientGrip and find them excellent in all respects, including certainly very quiet compared with others. My son runs an A3 and he's been so impressed with my tyres that...
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    Allroad vibration

    A rear wheel out of balance?
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    A6 C7 2012. Map update

    I've researched this before and failed to find anyone selling updated maps for this model. Will be very interested to hear if they available somewhere (other than at a main dealer!!!).
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    Phone will not connect to car

    And some more I tried a MMI Factory Settings reset on Bluetooth only. This has changed the situation - now, although Bluetooth says it's 'on', none of its options (e.g. discoverability) are highlighted and therefore available. Tried searching for another Bluetooth device, it...
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    Phone will not connect to car

    Just to resurrect this thread...... car has been in for its MOT today at the excellent local Audi specialist, and I asked them to have a look at the Bluetooth problem. They reckon that BT in the MMI software is probably all OK, and that the problem is more likely to do with the Bluetooth...
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    Extended Warranty Costs

    I didn't buy an extended warranty for my A6 S-Line 3.0 TDi Avant because I never buy such things. Glad I didn't, because in the 8 years since then NOTHING has gone wrong with the car, at all, apart from the rear wiper motor which I replaced myself. It's been the most reliable car I've ever had...
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    Phone will not connect to car

    Yep its SD-card based Nav. Great info, very helpful, thanks!
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    Phone will not connect to car

    Yes I'd be inclined to try the MMI update. Does this include maps? Only I've tried in the past to find map updates online for this car and failed. Maybe I'll talk to the Audi specialist who services the car and see if they can sort it. Many thanks for the advice!
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    Phone will not connect to car

    OK, I found how to delete all phones from the car, and started again. But it will not detect any iPhone, nor an Android phone. In the menus, it looks like Bluetooth thinks it's all working. So, what next? Sounds like it's the component that sends/receives the Bluetooth signal that has failed...
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    Phone will not connect to car

    Thanks for replies. I don't think the phone shows up on the menu on this car anyway? @NH, how do I do a reset on the bt? I assumed first of all I'd be able to do that but I couldn't see it as an option. Maybe I'm missing seeing part of the menu.
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    Phone will not connect to car

    This is a 2012 A6 S-Line Avant 3.0TDi Had the car since 2013, hands-free phone has always worked faultlessly. However, suddenly the car system cannot find the phone. Phone is an iPhone SE, a few years old, running iOS 14.4.2, right up to date. The phone works fine in our other car. The car has...
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    3.0TDI S Line Quattro Avant

    I have the same car except not Quattro. It too is a 12-reg car, I've had it since late 2013. Why so long! Because I can't bear to part with it. Fabulous long-legged cruiser, sublime effortless engine. OK it's only done 68K miles, but the only problem I've had is a new wiper motor last year...
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    Automatic a6 62 plate staling

    I don't know a lot about these complicated modern beasts, I used to maintain my own cars in olden days but I generally get mine serviced these days. It's just that if you recently changed the gearbox oil and now the gearbox is misbehaving, the first thought in my mind is that the two are...
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    Automatic a6 62 plate staling

    If you 'changed the gearbox oil recently' perhaps that's the prime suspect?
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    Audi extended warranty - worth it or not?

    Who knows what to expect in the way of reliability of any one car. But I'm certainly glad I didn't spend money on an extended warranty. I have a 2012 3.0Tdi S-Line Avant. I bought it 7 years ago, at 15 months old with 15K miles on it. It now has 67K on it - OK I'm retired and I don't use it that...