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    What mods to my A6 C6???

    It's the 140hp one. I just checked my log book ;)
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    What mods to my A6 C6???

    It's a 2007 2.0tdi I believe it to be the 170hp version but as of yet I have no proof of this.
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    What mods to my A6 C6???

    Hello again first real post right here. I'll give a brief history of my cars. started driving in 2008 2001 skoda fabia 1.4 100hp 2002 skoda fabia VRS - milltek exhaust, alpine type R sub, alpine head unit 2004 mini cooper S - 237 wheel BHP - 17% reduced supercharger pulley, milltek...
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    A6 2.5tdi egr blank or removal bkc engine

    What's this? I could google but what's a forum for if u can't ask a question. Lol.
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    RobMorris ICE install journal

    Threads dead but. Awsome instal. Looks real nice :)
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    New Donny lad.

    Hi all. First post on here. But deffinatly not new to forums. Picked up a 2007 Audi A6 last week. 2.0tdi 170bhp. I'll post a pic if I can (not sure on forum rules regards number of posts etc) planning on some exterior mods. Nothing to the engine thow. Anyway. Hello to all and hope we...