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    Assistance required with my DTM 2.0T - issues with cutting out under load
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    Assistance required with my DTM 2.0T - issues with cutting out under load

    Sorry to hear about all your issues. I think it's highly likely the crank sensor located under the oil cooler is faulty. It fails on these TFSI engines alot, but dealers and specialists are not good at finding the fault, as it won't show up in VCDS.... It's a tiny part, with basic electrical...
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    [Oct 18, 2015] Birmingham Audi (Solihull) Dealership Meet (Part of the Lister... (Birmingham)

    As I live like 1.6 miles away from there, just round the corner from @jojo, it'd be rude not to turn up too! :racer: However don't expect an Audi to arrive, as I have a Hyundai Coupe 2.7 V6 now, haha! Many thanks @Sandra, get to meet you at long last too... :happy:
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    B6 and B7 suspension arms kits same?

    No B6 are different from the revised arms on the B7. Kits are therefore different and not fully compatible.
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    Go Faster Bits DV+ T9351 turbo bypass valve for TFSI engines review

    Have you seen this video? It's not that loud, it's sounds quiet compared to other turbo performance cars with blow off valves!
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    [Feb 8, 2015] Stafford Audi Dealership Event (Stafford)

    Wow, what a day! Thank you so much Sandra and Stafford Audi for organising this, plus Joe for the ride up. At nearly 45, I've driven lots of cars on many events, but never been tossed the keys to cars with supercar pace and left to drive on my own, where-ever, for 30mins each time! The local...
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    clarification on rear wheel spacers required , axle hubs differ.

    Speak with Taper Pro, who produce TPI hubcentric spacers and bolts (with lockers).You should use longer bolts with spacers over 5mm. 10mm spacers need 10mm longer bolts. The 12+mm TPI spacers actually have a hubcentric spigot on the outside to centralise the wheel, so only the spacer sits on the...
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    [Feb 8, 2015] Stafford Audi Dealership Event (Stafford)

    Woohoo! Thanks Joe. And many thanks Sandra!
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    Red Oil Pressure light

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I've owned a few classic STI Scoobies myself over the years and had far fewer issues than with the many VAGs I've owned. Will make sure engine is close deck block & forged from a decent tuner.... Whatever you decide to do, good luck! All my Audi parts are now...
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    Red Oil Pressure light

    Oh man, I feel your pain, that's terrible! Your first engine failure was just before mine, I sold my car unfixed and have decided against another Audi. You should take off any decent parts and sell the car standard like I did. Get some of your cash back. I'm saving up for a Subaru Impreza STI...
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    2.0tfsi power cut/jerk

    Effectively yes. If you google crank impulse sensors for other makes of cars, you'll find plenty of threads describing the same driveability problems.
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    need b7 door mirror glass?

    That was me. Yes, I have a pair for sale, please see my Ebay advert - Alistair
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    2.0tfsi power cut/jerk

    Well others have have the crank impulse sensor (also known as Engine Speed Sensor G28) errors in the log - But my car showed no errors at all, even whilst monitoring with laptop...
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    2.0tfsi power cut/jerk

    I think I know exactly what is causing this. Fueling errors cause softer cuts than you're probably experiencing. A harse, sudden, irregular cut is sensor error. Change your crankshaft impulse sensor. It's underneath the oil cooler / above the oil filter into the block. I had the same on my old...