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    It’s less than a 10 minute drive from the port to the dealership over there. I’ve unfortunately visited Grimsby and seen :tearsofjoy:
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    Annoying Sunroof!

    My cars into Audi in a few weeks to re-look at the creaking sunroof which is doing my head in every time I take it out (they couldn’t find an issue last time). Going over any rough road it creaks and seems to rattle. However, when I was on the motorway the other day I also seemed to be getting...
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    Looking for a used S4

    I originally had a S5 without adaptive suspension and sports diff before I picked up another S5 late last year (had a S3 in between the two). You can drive yourself crazy trying to find a car that’s got the perfect spec, I was looking for months before one came up and the high spec’d ones sell...
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    Moving on - my view on the S3

    I’ve had two S3’s both facelift 8V’s and overall they were great cars. Echo similar sentiments to what’s been said above really, with regards to pros and cons. A replacement was difficult to come by, none of Audi’s current models interest me apart from maybe a TT. The new S3 (8Y) hasn’t grown...
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    Back to a S5 Again!

    Thanks mate, that legislation is what I’d come across online. I’m doing some reading up on Consumer Rights this week and will then write to them if I don’t receive any update. I spoke to my Credit Card company and they are happy to assist which is good and said they will even run through the...
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    Facelift S3 FL Haldex failure

    Based on my previous experience with my S3, Audi will refuse to clean the actual pump filter, as they reckon it’s a ‘sealed part’ for life. They will only change the oil. You’d be wasting your time asking Audi as it’s not in their service regime for anything besides the oil, best to go to an...
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    Back to a S5 Again!

    So an update on the alloy wheel saga, as a short summary I’ve got nowhere. Initially raised with the dealer and Audi UK officially on the 10th March. Audi UK advised me that alloys would be classed as a wear and tear item on a used car and as such they would have a warranty period of 6months...
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    sat nav

    There used to be an in depth guide on here but I don’t think it works anymore due to Audi updating their my Audi website. I followed this guide on YouTube and it worked perfectly, on my 8V S3 and B9 S5:
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    sat nav

    If you’ve got the my Audi app setup it’ll tell you in there what expires and when. There’s also a license tab somewhere on the MMI but I can’t remember how to get into it now that I’m not in the car, it’s in the menus of Audi connect somewhere. You get 36 months Audi Connect when the car is...
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    sat nav

    Yeah it does, although you’ll have to have an active Audi connect license to get traffic updates etc or it won’t work. A lot of people on here don’t seem to be a fan of the stock satnav, I think it’s pretty good on the most part I like the integration with POI’s and speed cameras. My only...
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    Stock exhaust pops and crackle

    Looks nice, great colour - sepang blue isn’t it? BCS Powervalve Anti Drone res delete pipe was about £250 when I purchased mine brand new, think they offer a forum discount - being a site sponsor. I’d probably not run a res delete and unplugged valves at the same time, res delete was...
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    Stock exhaust pops and crackle

    Yeah resonator delete is your best option for better sound, I’d recommend the anti-drone BCS one, slightly more expensive but it gives you added sound without unwanted drone. As others have said I doubt you’ll manage to get pops and bangs on a 2015 as that was added on FL models, something to...
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    Back to a S5 Again!

    Cheers I’ll have a look. I usually sit on the second closest. The closest setting is a bit too close for my liking and any further away than the second setting I think it invites people to pull out into the gap. I’ll check the setting for pre-sense in the settings and see what it’s set at...
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    Back to a S5 Again!

    Thanks mate, I’m really happy with it. My previous S5 prior to this and my S3 didn’t have either of those options so they were quite a novelty at first. The salesman at the time said it was the highest spec used S5 the dealership had ever sold :tearsofjoy: Heads up display is nice and really...
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    Extended warranty

    Yeah not worth skimping on full cover for just £70, one claim will pay for itself. My Dad’s A3 warranty expired and a few weeks later his lights started playing up and not dipping, needed a whole new electrical control unit... over 3k parts and labour. Luckily I’d told him to take extended...