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    S3 8V DQ250 Remap Advice.

    APR have a pops and bangs file at stage 2 not stage 1. Where is increases them. It’s not too over the top and only activated in sports mode. Again it’s not option anymore as stage 2 APR discontinued due to emissions in USA. If you’re going to stick stage 1 only APR good option but if at all...
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    S3 8V DQ250 Remap Advice.

    This is power at wheels last dyno run. My trans is handling it no issues at all. There isn’t huge difference going stage 2 in top end power. It’s definitely noticeable with increased power and torque across entire rev band and basically removes any turbo lag at all. Whether it’s worth the cost...
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    S3 8V DQ250 Remap Advice.

    I got my tune 6 years ago. It’s Harding perfomwnce tune which now I believe is rebranded TVS which they have updated on website over time. That’s in Australia. I didn’t pick anything other than back then stage 2 tune which I think is same as what the TVS stage 3 is. There might be options now...
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    S3 8V DQ250 Remap Advice.

    Hi, I’ve run APR stage 1 HO and stage 2 HO which is about 420+lbs on my mk7R 2014 model paired with TVS tcu tune. Engine, trans and turbo no issues in 80k km and almost 7 years tuned. That’s same engine and dq250 6 speed trans. I’ve had the usual water pump and haldex failures but nothing to...
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    Don't buy new cars if you love sporty racy sounding exhausts

    Jassy, we just swapped from S3 to new M135i and I think the exhuast on that sounds just as good as our 2017FL S3 did. I know it won't be popular but I think the M135i is much better car, better handling, stronger low/mid range, in sports mode it's like a VAG car with TCU tune and pedal box and...
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    Time to say goodbye

    Mfl, Couldn't agree more about prices in Aust. It's a shame you had bad experiece with Audi, we only had good dealings and no issues in 5 years in 2 S3. I did have issues in my Mk7R with both haldex pump and water pump both failing outside of warranty. The VW now come with 5 year warranty and...
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    Tyre recommendation

    I got 60-65k km out of the Continentials that came stock on our S3. I also jsut swapped my original tyres on stage 2 Mk7R to MP4S after getting 70k km out of them. Guess I'm not driving car hard enough. Lots of freeway driving and no LC must help. Could be the Australain roads/weather and lower...
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    Handling Performance?

    Thanks for that. I've only heard positives about them from people on here and R foum in UK. Also my mechanic stated best street springs in his opinion and as bonus I bought them few weeks ago online 30% off sale. Booked in for install in 4 weeks along with service and Dyno runs. I've had APR...
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    Handling Performance?

    On my mk7R I've done Rear ARB with end links, MP4s tyres and about to install Eibach pro springs. I also have the 034 insert more to tighten things up at stage 2 levels of torque. I think that's perfect street combo and you'd only need more if you take car to track.
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    APR Maps and Exhausts

    I'm APR stage 2 HO on Mk7R without any issues to engine/tran/turbo. I had the water pump and haldex fail but known issues on my model nothing to do with tune. If you want bangs and pops tune then look at stage 2 with DP. Will get the added sound and no drone with extra power. You will need TCU...
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    S3 stage2 and stage3 parts recommendations ??

    I think it's well known stage 1 best bang for buck, you get most out of stage 1 tune with modified stock intake/panel filter or aftermarket intake with inlet like the TT one. Whippet- Going from stage 1 to stage 2 won't make car dramatically faster at top speed, it does make it more...
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    Test drove a X3 M40i yesterday

    I test drove new m135i x drive few weeks ago and loved it. I thougt it looked better in flesh than in pictures and think that the interior and standard features on models here in Australia put it ahead now and it's the top of my list of cars to replace wife's leased s3 in 5 months time. Still...
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    Catback milltek or decat & stage 2?

    100% I'd say the Decat and stage 2 tune with TCU tune. The improvment in drivability easily trumps just added sound of cat back. I'm APR stage 2 bangs and pops with BCS catted DP and their res delete. It's more than loud enough IMO and still reserved enough at freeway speeds. I'd say that Decat...
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    Saloon Apr stage 2!!!!

    Good info in this thread. I Like you’re advice Leo. Definitely seems 1.5+ tune on E85 the best Combo. We’re lucky in Australia and have easy access for e85 so I’m constantly seeing stage 1 E85 tunes on APR dealers here.
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    Racingline RS3 tune?

    I've had OEM+ on stage 2 mk7R. Was couple years ago and better than APR stage 2 at that time. I swapped back to APR once revised tunes released as I prefer their higher torque in low end. OEM+ only started few years ago here in Australia headed up by Guy Harding. I have his DSG tune and it's...