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    Attending list Aitp 8th August 2021

    Hi. Are there any spaces left on the stand?
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    EGR cooler

    Our A6 is off the road. The EML light came on last week and the EGR cooler has had it so i've bought a new one. Going to upcycle the old one into a table lamp.
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    Bitdi gear changes help please

    You are not kidding.
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    Bitdi gear changes help please

    £430 for a gearbox oil change. I've just had mine done for £225 at an Audi dealer.
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    What do you do for a job?

    As little as possible.
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    Grand Tour - Season 3 (Spoiler Alert !)

    As good as The Grand Tour is i'm more looking forward to "Still Game".
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    Had a fantastic day today at Stafford Audi. Picked my wife Cherie up straight from work after doing a night shift and headed for Stafford. Arrived a little later than the others and heard voices from upstairs. We found everyone after following the Audi Sport signs where Andy Poole was signing...
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    Stafford Audi Dealership Meet - Sunday January 27th 2019

    Make sure you take out a quattro.
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    Rallye quattro Show 2019

    Just found about this show in Austria. It is on from the 3rd to the 7th of July as it is too big for just the one day. Now that sounds one huge Audi show and it's not just looking at Audis in a field either. Check out the website. Who's up for a road trip and a half?
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    Another BiTDI after buy back

    What reg is the white one so people can know what to avoid?
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    Used 20ft shipping containers.

    Just go in to a Spar then and ask them what the contact details are? :haha:
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    2017 Audi S6 Saloon, Widebody Stage 2 RS6 Project

    That was a good looking A6, I preferred it to your RS6 but at least it is in the best colour, misano red. :icon thumright:
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    What do you hate???

    I was going to be policeman until I failed the interview when they found out that my parents were married.
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    Beaulieu Simply Audi 2019. Club stand?

    Don't think I can make this show as it is Simply too far, lol.
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    Eibach Pro-Kit on Sline, how low?

    They are £150 brand new still in the box. The kit number is E10-15-018-01-22