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    Rear shock mounts wanted

    I've got a usable set on ebay just now: Not perfect, but not rotted out either.
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    MK1 TT FWD - Mid Pipe

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if the common "mk4 tdi" midpipe mod that works on the Golf and A3 1.8T models can also be used on the TT? The TT appears to have a similar piece of exhaust, but i'm unsure if its shorter or shaped differently to the A3/Golf version? Thanks
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    Memory Seats Retrofit

    I'll need to have a closer look at the wiring and see. The B6 Seats are not recaros i dont think, just normal B6 sport seats in black leather. Theres something a bit different about them though. I think it was an Audi Exclusive interior. The B7 has the two tone leather seats that were part of...
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    Memory Seats Retrofit

    Hey guys, My folks have just bought a '07 A4 B7 2.0T as a replacement for their written off B6 S4. The S4 had electric memory seats, and they would like to swap these into the B7 which currently just has the normal manual seats. Does anyone know how easy this is? Any good guides kicking...
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    B6 RNS-E Bluetooth

    Is it really that dead in here?
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    B6 RNS-E Bluetooth

    Bumping this back up as after a long while i've been told its not working properly. So the car does indeed have factory bluetooth. The original cradle says "bluetooth only" and iphone4 on the back. So i presume it was essentially a dock for the iphone which charged it, but the actual calls...
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    Water temperature dial working sporadically

    The usual issue is a bad thermostat. On a motorway run the coolant simply doesnt get hot enough, and the guage never moves. When you slow down in town or get stuck in traffic you'll see the temperature rise up as theres less airflow. Less common is a bad sensor. If you have climate control you...
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    Injector replacement AJL 180 engine

    standard ones... what exactly are you trying to achieve?
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    1.8t apu decat/tuning question

    I use a stock S4 exhaust system, mid-box and rear, with a custom 3" downpipe and sports cat. Makes a nice noise, but isnt loud or droney, and that was plenty for my 280hp hybrid turbo.
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    Fitting s4 front and rear subframes on 1.8t qts

    Rear is a streight swap. Front will require a 5 speed V6 gearbox mounting bracket as the V6 subframe has a different mount on the nearside. You'll also need V6 gearbox rubbers.
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    Vagcom suddenly stopped working

    you need to check device manager, and see what COM port number the USB device has assigned itself. Sometimes it will get a number >4, and you have to go into advanced properties and move it back down. Sticking to the same USB port on the laptop tends to stop the number changing.
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    Audi a4 b5 1.8t question about flywheel conversion

    If your not planning on doing anything fancy with the turbo, then just fit a new standard clutch. If the flywheel is knackered, replace it with a new standard DMF. Theres not a great deal of point swapping to a single mass on a stock car and it has downsides.
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    Audi B5 1.8se

    Quattro exhaust is completely different to a FWD car. The FWD exhuast loops up over the rear axle, and has its mid silencer on the drivers side. The quattro exhaust goes under the subframe and has its mid silencer on the passenger side. Even the backbox itself sits much further rearwards on a...
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    1.8t apu decat/tuning question

    Leave the O2 sensor alone. The usual bolt on bits are exhuast and intercooler. Theres not really much else you can do that will make any difference.