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    A4 3.0 TDI with LSD winter fun vids

    how do you get your rear lights to flash like that?
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    Audi goes with new compressor and trick diff for new S4 Pics of the car in the flesh. who's ordering one first?
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    My A4 S-line with Coilovers installed

    genuine LM's. 19 by 8.5
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    My A4 S-line with Coilovers installed

    the back seats are untouched
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    My A4 S-line with Coilovers installed

    lol, this post is 2 years old!! heres the A4 from the end of last year
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    Stripped !

    awesome, nice work
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    Car's 1st Service and phone call from Audi

    mmm..... always hard to tell, you should have asked them to throw the old filter in the boot.
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    Please Help

    the red will not fade, it is clear coated. the people that told you it will fade are whats known as "too Too's". in other words... "its too wet, too cold, too windy, too hard to keep etc....... Red is nice in the A4.
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    K&N Air filter & chrome mirrors

    The oil from the filter buggers up MAF sensors :(
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    shaking when idle

    mmmm..... dont think mine does, but when you blip the throlle there is a big shake in the car
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    A4 2.7TDI

    My 2.0 140 remapped to 180 odd drives like a dream. but would really have needed quattro even with 19 x 9 rims
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    How big can i go???

    Get some BBS's super cool wheels, keep it Euro :)
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    How big can i go???

    Drove a new A6 with 20'' Kahns and it drove like ****! Tram lined like hell. stick to 19's there all you need to look pimp :)
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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    i know ive already posted, but new pics :)