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  1. Mr Ricky Weymouth
    Mr Ricky Weymouth ash_pearce
    Hi mate I have just got your details of vcds map and was wondering if you could help me please. I have a 2007 Q7 and would like to activate the green MMI menu please. If you could get back to me on here or ring/txt on 07379794544 and let me know if your able to help price ect cheers pal.
  2. SymboG
    SymboG RobinA3
    Hey Robin. Also wondering about acquiring some wiring looms + lights for front and rear footwell lights for a 2009 facelift A3. Many thanks. Sym
  3. Daveheson
    We are now very proud to announce that D.H Automotive are now an MRC tuning dealer in Scotland.
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    2. Sandra
      Oct 15, 2018 at 9:21 AM
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  4. A5-MICK
    2015 A5 2.0 Tdi 190 quattro sportback
  5. quattro_swede
  6. Delboy78
    Delboy78 Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.
    Morning pal.
    How much am I looking at to gut out the dpf on my a3 2.0tdi.
  7. Delboy78
    Delboy78 Adam Din
    How much for the stereo pal
  8. DrunkBog
    DrunkBog 5ean
    Hi have you still got the cable for VCDS? Needing my retrofitted cruise control coded in. Audi a4 B6

    Im in ellon but can meet you in Aberdeen.
  9. wizzywig27
    wizzywig27 t8ups

    I was looking for someone to activate the visual display on the MMI on my 2018 A3 Sportback Black Edition. I have rear parking sensors only. Is this something you could help with?

  10. Williemakit99
    Williemakit99 @udi A3
    I have just bought an Audi A6 S LINE 2.7 TDi 2006, with 1 three button key. What info would you need to cut a spare key for the car please?


  11. Mikeso51
    Mikeso51 t8ups

    just bought a 2017 A3 Sportback - facelift model- and I am looking to upgrade some of the lights. I understand you are the man to talk to.

    I would like:

    -led upgrades for both interior roof lights and the glove box light. Also the reversing lights.

    -front "all weather" bulbs that match the colour of the xenon headlights.

    Can you offer anything to improve the current led boot light?


  12. Jimbob76
    Roof Rails Enthusiast
  13. Williemakit99
    Williemakit99 craigynett

    I have just bought an Audi A6 S LINE 2.7 TDi 2006, with 1 three button key. What info would you need to cut a spare key for the car please?


  14. Jonboi1993
    New to forum, have decided to invest into my b7 after failing to find a new car that I like as much. Looking for mods and tips!
  15. RGC
    Always about 2019
  16. jordan peerless
    jordan peerless desertstorm
    hello mate seen you posted about a Audi A5 3.0tdi downpipes a while ago was wondering if there was any chance you were selling it?
  17. Mjk
    Mjk RobinA3
    Hi Robin ... Same question ... are you still doing the retrofit lights and loom ? . I so can you let me know . Thanks Mike
  18. Hans Harbeck
    Hans Harbeck RobinA3
    I am also interested in the retro fitting footwell ligths.
    I have a A3 SB 2010 (atraction) 1.4 TFSI.
    Do you have a homepage for selling these lights?
    If not please tell the price for 2 doors and 4 doors.
    Yhank you
  19. bobdferret
    bobdferret dsw88
    Just picked up an A4 2016. Rear parking sensors beep fine but no display. I understand this can be changed to display also using VCDS. Could you help with this? Thanks. Andy.
    1. dsw88
      It's something I can look into yeah.
      Oct 7, 2018
  20. bobdferret
    bobdferret dualmono21
    Hi. Just picked up an A4 2016. Rear parking sensors beep fine but I understand it can also be made to show on display? Could you help with this?
  21. JohnEB
    JohnEB Mindak
    Hi Dan, I was wondering if you could help me with a few mods with VCDS.
    Not sure what cable you have but I'd need the HEX CAN cable as car is 2011 A5. Will pay you for your time. Also I'm in Wiltshire too.

    Many thanks.

  22. Daniel-A3
    Daniel-A3 5ean
    Hi I seen you have VCDS and was wondering if you could disable the seat occupied sensor in my a3. As i changed the seats to sline ones, But the Sline
    passenger seat is missing the sensors. So ive got a airbag light at the moment. If you can help asap I would really apprentice it. id be happy to compensate you for your time

  23. LDVincenzo
    LDVincenzo Dannykn9
    Hello mate, Im in the winnersh (reading) area, do you know anyone that can code cruise control on a 57 plate S3? thanks in advance
  24. LDVincenzo
    LDVincenzo kite
    Hi, im in winnersh, are you able to activate cruise control on a 2007 S3?
    Thanks in advance
  25. nathan@nbp
    nathan@nbp Mindak
    Hi I’m from Trowbridge - I was wondering if you would be able to help me with some VCDS mods and help look into a small issue with my front LED indicators which I think is a coding problem on my A3 8V? Very happy to pay you for your time! Thanks in advance
  26. nathan@nbp
    nathan@nbp AudiB8

    I was wondering if you would be able to help me with some VCDS mods and help look into a small issue with my LED indicator which I think is a coding problem on my A3 8V? I don’t mind travelling to you and will pay you for your time!

  27. Rob s3 stage 1
    Rob s3 stage 1
  28. Andreashadji
    Andreashadji creweaudiparts
    hi mate.i am Andreas from greece. would like to know if you can find a quattro badge for the front grill of an A3 8p mid2012 model. if so could you ship to greece and whats the total cost gonna be?thanks!
  29. silver bullet1
  30. marksb6quattro
    marksb6quattro Steff917
    hi there im messaging you as your the nearest vcds user to me and desperate for your help. can you code an abs pump once i have fitted it. i can come to you easily as im just other side of salisbury. many thanks
  31. RS3 S.
    RS3 S. Helifella
    HI. Do you still help out with the VCDS mods please?. Would like a couple of things doing on my SQ5 please?. Thanks in advance Steve.
  32. Asads3
    Asads3 THQuattro
    Hi mate. My number is+447961149918 WhatsApp if it’s easier . Thanks
    1. THQuattro
      I have just posted pics
      Oct 3, 2018
  33. minyavv
    minyavv Aoon_M
    hello, please tell me how you made the start / stop button work by setting the steering wheel from tt pc to audi a3 8v
    your car I have the same start/ stop button in the center of the console. Now that I have got a steering wheel with start/stop button I want the button from the central console to be removed. I wanted to ask you if you had to change the clock spring. Thank you in advance.
  34. ASBOST
    ASBOST creweaudiparts
    Hi, do you still have the rubber mats for sale please? Would you post to Northern Ireland? Ill be picking up my MY2019 A3 1.5 tfsi Sportback next month. Thank you.
  35. andysAko4
    Cheaper having kids than owning a S4, but getting there.
  36. Jay72
    Jay72 zornyan
    Hello mate, where in Essex are you?..just wondered if you’d help me with this DMF problem? If I came down could we fix it at yours?
  37. ScottFree
    ScottFree George.s
    Thansk,will contact him.
  38. PH A3
    PH A3 RobinA3
    Hi Robin aer you stil doing the poodle door light set ?
    I have an A3 SB 2007
    And if you are, i Would like to bye the loomset and door Warning light for alle 4 doors.
    Could you please sent me the prise i live in Denmark.
    Thanks ;)
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  39. Jamakle
    Jamakle franko180
    Hi mate. Would you be able to code some xenons and drl’s onto my b7 in the near future?
  40. Sandra
    Sandra MuPPeT_ON_TouR
    1. MuPPeT_ON_TouR
      Thank you.
      Oct 3, 2018