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a3emma Feb 2, 2010

  1. a3emma

    a3emma Member

    right could do with some quick help, ive not been able to search this as it says i ain't working.
    yesterday my speedo just randomly stopped working along with my mile counter thing. i switched the engine off and fired her up again and it worked fine-for a bout 10 mile, then stopped. after that i stopped engine again and started it but nowt happened. then all the way home the speedo was going up,down then jumping up and down and then go back to zero. ive been to work today and the speedo worked for about 0.1 of a mile then stopped and its not worked since. now ive also noticed my fuel gauge is moving up and down when going round corners,and i recon i must have used at leat quarter a tank and it seems to be in the same as when i last filled it up. im not sure if this is broken too,or its just me noticing it a little too much? could any one shed some light on how to fix this or what it could be? im going to fill my tank of deisel tonight so that sould clear the fuel guage situation up.

    also anothe problem i noticed at the weekend, was that when driving along in 2nd,mainly 3rd., and 4th at low revs the car starts to judder like its going to stall. but if ease off the accelerater or put my foot down it stops, my dad thinks it could be the engine mount brackets? has any one else had the same problems, or no what the problem is could you please let me no

    thanks in advance
  2. djdougalno1

    djdougalno1 Member

    its called an impulse sensor goes in back of the gearbox common problem make sure you get the right one depending on wether ure car if 5 or 6 speed quattro or fwd

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