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audi damaged my wheel!

steve184 Jul 17, 2004

  1. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    not impressed took my A3 in to audi to have one front tyre replaced (see earlier thread) and they have managed to damage the entire circumference of the wheel - the shocking thing is they just did the job parked the car outside and handed me the kes back with the words - 'all done sir' i mean did they really think that on a car costing just under £22k one month ago and having onbly covered 450 miles I would accept this?????

    Anyway ive made my sentiments very clear that I will not accpet having the wheel botch repaired since its no fault of my own and so soon after delivery i want a brand new wheel - this is fair aint it??

    out of interest how much do audi charge (retail and trade) for a new 17 A3 sport wheel (standard sport design) - anyone know off the top of my head for reference?

    Why cant these guys be careful with other peoples property???? someone please explain to me as it is so frustrating!!!

  2. richy

    richy Member

    its called "lazy" fella...

    and they try to cover up everything they do... thats the usual for car salesmen.
  3. Hopsta

    Hopsta Member

    It wasn't you at Maidstone Audi last weekend by anychance ? There wasa guy there who had his wheel damaged, service guy offered touch up... after a while the guy insisted on a new one.

    I would have a new one as well, not even one thats been on there sale cars either. Car ownership would be great if it wasn't for some dealers !


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