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Would you buy a 2003 S3 with 117,000 miles on the clock?

gwilo Feb 25, 2011

  1. gwilo

    gwilo New Member

    I've seen one at a reasonable price - looks just like I want it to and seems to be in immaculate condition. It has a full Audi Service History but is high mileage for a 2003 model. Would you buy one with this type of mileage? Bearing in mind I'll be buying it as a keeper to do a few things to. Advice please?
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  2. DaveA3

    DaveA3 Audi A-Trizzle!

    i wouldnt mind if it has been looked after. at that mileage ur probably at an advantage of it having had most of the pricey work done. clutch cambelt etc twice probs new breaks and suspension.
  3. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    id buy it aslong as all was ok with it
    my old 18T had done 140k when i got it let it go at 210k and it was still running strong
  4. Poke13

    Poke13 Member

    I wouldnt be too put off, definately check paperwork as DaveA3 said for stuff like clutch, cambelt etc. Mine's on 81,000 now and is a 2003 and I would say thats under average and the car should easily be capable of far more miles but I'm trying my best to not put too many miles on it but also enjoy it for what it is, a bloody nice car :)

    Whats the spec of this one you are looking at? The only thing I wish mine had is heated seats and possibly cruise control, oh and rns-e but thats just wishful thinking! Wish it wasn't so damn expensive to have rns-e fitted or I would get it for sure!! Hate stick on sat navs, big pet hate!
  5. 2pac

    2pac E3 APC

    This has been asked many many times mate, and your in the exact same sitution as me. You need to buy the car on the car, not the mileage. If your happy with the general condition then come on here, do some research, print off the buyer's guide, understand the service schedule and what should have been done and make your decision. I let an 80k example go for 6k which had receipts for absolutley everything coz I was debated a 1.8t 190 avant(which I then also lost out on) I've now put the milage thing behind me and have an appointment for a silver 2001 105k s3 on sunday
  6. gwilo

    gwilo New Member

    Thanks - I've decided to wait just a little longer and try and get a bit more cash together but I will take into account all the advice given when I buy and not worry too much about mileage I think. Cheers.

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