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worn brake pad warning on, but pads /wires are ok

DodgeT Oct 8, 2006

  1. DodgeT

    DodgeT Member

    as above really, the worn brake pad symbol has been showing for the past week or so, i have checked all of the brake pads, they are hardly worn at all. I disconnected the connectors, sprayed them with wd40. Checked the wires, they seem fine.
    Still the symbol keeps showing in the dash.
    Is there anything else i need to check, as it is becoming really annoying.
    I have just ordered a cable from alpha bid, so worst case, i can hopefully turn it off that way, would be nice tgo find the root cause of the problem though.
  2. dstech

    dstech Member

    Try checking for fault codes...maybe it will indicate a fault in the wiring somewhere.
  3. Neil_S

    Neil_S Member

    I read on another forum that the brake pad warning light illuminating can sometimes be a sign that the battery is on the way out. Not sure if this was true or not, but I changed my battery recently because I'd been having the problem and the battery was 5 years old.

    This didn't cure the problem for me, so I disconnected the sensors and sprayed them with WD40 and so far, touch wood, it hasn't displayed the warning.
  4. J4CK-DE

    J4CK-DE New Member

    brake pedal switch comman as muck fault

    if its a auto theres two switches and some are move over to the clutch side of the pedal

    also u only get once chance to get it in proply if u press the pedal and it pops out or you pushed it to far in u have to use a new one
  5. Just Plain Old

    Just Plain Old Active Member

    Hummmmm,,, I've had exactly the opposite problem. On the last 2 track days, down to the metal and off the track without even a hint of warning, until the big red one came on after the event (or during I guess)?

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