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  1. fenian672000

    fenian672000 Member


    Audi A4 1.8t 2004

    I am going to replace all four door speakers in my non bose system with pioneer custom fit TS-1703 mid/tweeters

    Now maybe i after reading the posts on here i could have spent my money more wisely, but i have the speakers now so i will live w it.

    My question is this......i suppose against the grain, i like my stereo faded 70/30 in favour of more sound coming from the rear speakers, to me this sounds better, so i was wandering if upgrading the amp would improve the performance of the rears and factorey sub, and if yes could someone recomend me one, and one that will just be a straight swap w the old one...

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    There's no "straight swap" unfortunately as you'll have to run a power cable for pretty much any aftermarket amp. The puny Audi wiring is only rated at 5amps which equates crudely to about 2x20watts & 1 x50w, so no trimode amp can use so little power.
    You really need to upgrade the sub if you're looking to improve the sound as you can't put anymore power through the existing unit and increasing the power to the rears will mean even less sub than you have now.
  3. fenian672000

    fenian672000 Member

    thanks for the reply Andy, but im not really following what your saying as im a bit thick w this kinda stuff.

    Im understanding that i need to run a beefier power supply cable.

    Would i need to run better cables to rear doors??

    Am i correct in saying that the new amp will drive rear door speakers and sub ?, if so why would this mean less power to the sub?

    Would it be possible to upgrade the factory sub to better quality, but mount it in the rear shelf where old one would come out of ?
  4. SteveS

    SteveS S6 avant

    you really need a 4 channel amp, use 2 for the rear speakers and bridge the other 2 together for the sub. most have a gain control so you can alter the volume of the amp in relation to the fronts, you would need to wire all this properly tho, and a more powerful sub.

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