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where do I start?

clcollins Jun 13, 2004

  1. clcollins

    clcollins Member

    OK, I know this is a recurring question, but with regards to Meguiar's what do I need, what should I use?

    For information, my car (TDI Q) is 2 years old and Ebony Black. At the moment (as a stop gap, until I decided what to buy), I'm washing it with zip wax, spaying it with 'wax it wet' and drying off with a chamois (is that the right spelling?).

    When I dry it off at the moment I can see what I presume to be water marks, therefore I am going to start the process with the Quick Clay detailer, but where do I go from there?

    Gold class shampoo & conditioner or NXT Generation Car Wash
    Gold Class Clear Coat Liquid Wax or NXT Generation Spray Wax
    What's the difference between the NXT Generation Spray Wax and NXT Generation Spray Wax
    Lambs Wool Wash Mitt?
    Fibre Drying Towel?

    All advice and suggestions welcome, thanks in advance.

  2. clcollins

    clcollins Member


    [/ QUOTE ] What's the difference between the NXT Generation Spray Wax and NXT Generation Spray Wax

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Spot the obvious mistake, what I meant to compare the spray wax with was the tech wax, D'oh.
  3. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User


    I haven't used the NXT stuff but would be interested in what it is like in comparison to the standard Meguairs, so can't really help you there. But defo to the Mitt and the Towel, also go for the applicator pads they are the best for applying the Wax.

    I still use my Autoglym Chamois but just waiting to get the fibre drying towel.

    Use the Quik Detail after you wash and dry it thats the most effective.

  4. neiloneilo

    neiloneilo Member

    I'm new to this level of car care, but I'm more than happy with NXT wax, pads, microfibre mitt, ultimate wipe, leather cleaner and conditioner and NXT tech protector.

    I plan next to get the fibre drying towel, NXT wash, tyre gel and maybe the clay.

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