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Vag-Com error code help/Engine/ABS/Xenon

rick28 Oct 25, 2011

  1. rick28

    rick28 Member


    Recently, i have a few problems with my Audi A3 2.0 TDI. Firstly, occasionaly, when the car is idle, the usual RPM of roughly 750-800RPM rises to 1000-1100 RPM. This isnt causing me any particular issues but I know it didnt used to do it. I scanned the car using VAG-COM and the following codes look like they could relate to this. I have noticed my engine coolant hasnt been lasting as long as it used to either:

    00-Steering Angle Sensor -- Status: OK 0000
    01-Engine -- Status: Malfunction 0010
    03-ABS Brakes -- Status: Malfunction 0010
    08-Auto HVAC -- Status: OK 0000
    09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: OK 0000
    15-Airbags -- Status: OK 0000
    16-Steering wheel -- Status: OK 0000
    17-Instruments -- Status: OK 0000
    19-CAN Gateway -- Status: OK 0000
    25-Immobilizer -- Status: OK 0000
    42-Door Elect, Driver -- Status: OK 0000
    44-Steering Assist -- Status: OK 0000
    46-Central Conv. -- Status: OK 0000
    52-Door Elect, Pass. -- Status: OK 0000
    55-Xenon Range -- Status: Malfunction 0010
    56-Radio -- Status: OK 0000
    7D-Aux. Heat -- Status: OK 0000

    Address 01: Engine Labels: None
    Part No SW: 03G 906 016 G HW: 028 101 136 4
    Component: R4 2,0L EDC 0000SG 5705
    Coding: 0000072
    Shop #: WSC 06435

    2 Faults Found:
    18051 - Please check DTC Memory of Electric Load Controller
    P1643 - 000 - -
    Freeze Frame:
    RPM: 1008 /min
    Torque: 38.0 Nm
    Speed: 0.0 km/h
    Load: 0.0 %
    Voltage: 13.98 V
    Bin. Bits: 11000100
    Load: 38.8 %
    (no units): 1.0

    16502 - Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor (G62): Signal too High
    P0118 - 000 - -
    Freeze Frame:
    RPM: 798 /min
    Torque: 20.0 Nm
    Speed: 0.0 km/h
    Load: 0.0 %
    Voltage: 14.06 V
    Bin. Bits: 11000111
    Temperature: 35.1°C
    Temperature: 37.8°C

    Readiness: 0 0 1 1 1

    Anyone seen the above before? Could this be simply that the sensor is faulty and needs replacing?

    Also, the ABS light is on the dash and when scanning I get the following code:

    Address 03: ABS Brakes Labels: 1K0-907-379-MK60-F.LBL
    Part No: 1K0 907 379 K
    Component: ESP FRONT MK60 0103
    Coding: 0023174
    Shop #: WSC 06435

    1 Fault Found:
    00290 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Rear Left (G46)
    003 - Mechanical Failure - Intermittent

    I replaced the above sensor today and cleared the codes, only for it to come back after ten seconds of driving. Measuring blocks on VAG-COM show some discrepencies between the wheel speed monitored on the 3 wheels with no fault reported and the wheel that this code is highlighting. For example, all four wheel speed sensors will read a speed within 1km/h of each other and then at random intervals the Rear Left sensor will drop by 20km/h before returning to the correct value. Any ideas?

    Strangely, theres a 3rd issue that is thrown up ater ten seconds of driving, the dash states "Xenon headlight range control defective" although they seem fine to me, VagCom shows the following error but refereces the ABS control module which I dont understand.

    Address 55: Xenon Range Labels: 8P0-907-357.LBL
    Part No: 8P0 907 357 A
    Component: Dynamische LWR H01 0010
    Coding: 0000001
    Shop #: WSC 06435

    1 Fault Found:
    01316 - ABS Control Module
    013 - Check DTC Memory - Intermittent
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 00101101
    Fault Priority: 2
    Fault Frequency: 0
    Reset counter: 40
    Mileage: 175272 km
    Time Indication: 0
    Date: 2011.10.25
    Time: 17:46:05

    Sorry for the long post, hope someone can offer some advice, especially as I wasted money on a new Wheel Speed Sensor that didnt fix one of the problems :-(
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2011
  2. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Have a look at this Ross-Tech site :- Category:Fault Codes - Ross-Tech Wiki

    I've checked and there are helpful comments for each of those faults but the answers are a bit too long to post on here.

    Hope this helps
  3. rick28

    rick28 Member

    Thanks Mike, i went there earlier but i did miss the symptoms section for the coolant sensor fault which basically is whats happening so I will look to check the wiring / replace that this weekend. The part doesnt seem to be on Euro Car parts as I normally use them but I can get from eBay or from Audi. I'll have to pull it out first to check which one to buy as there seem to be a few types, shapes and pins etc.

    The main issue that is stumping me is the ABS code Rear Left Sensor as I have swapped the sensor today and its still coming up. Its securely bolted in as far as it will go so the gapbetween it and the rotor should be ok, I dont suspect wiring issues either as it does get speed readings but they are a mix of accurate and way out values. Any experience with ABS sensors?
  4. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Sorry mate but I don't have any experience with ABS sensors. Someone else will be along soon I'm sure.
  5. rick28

    rick28 Member

    cheers Mike, hope someone can help

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