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V6 serpentine / auxillary belt.

scrupes Mar 6, 2007

  1. scrupes

    scrupes bloody great extension bodger

    Hi guy's and gal's,

    i just thought I'd share this with you V6 owners. my engine has had a ticking noise for quite a while now, my local mechanic was too busy to fix it but said it was the serpentine belt.
    The new belt was easily and cheaply obtained andrew pages, so today i set about the belt swap!
    i have read or heard that this is not an easy job but 30mins later the engine sound's like new!

    if any of you fancy a go at doing this in the future, it go's like this:

    1, remove the engine cover by depressing and turning the four screws a quarter turn, then remove the 2 (5mm allen) bolts which hold the front engine cover on, lift the front shield upover to release.

    2, now you can see the serpentine belt. a good idea at this point is to use a notepad and pencil to jot a diagram of the belts route around the pulleys!

    3, you will notice that the belt tensioner has a 17mm bolt on it which is used to release the tension on the belt. (i used a torque wrench and a shallow 17mm socket to release the tension) turn the wrench towards the nearside wing and the belt should fall off the pulleys or will be easily persuaded to do so.

    4, you will have to feed the old belt around the viscous fan blades to remove but again there is enough space to do this.

    5 Fitting is a reversal of the above but first line up your new and old belts to ensure they are the same length, fit the belt around the bottom pulleys first and over the tensioner, then again depressurise the tensioner whilst slipping the belt over the power steering pulley.

    6, assuming the belt is on and in the correct route (check with your diagram) start the car up. check the belt is correctly aligned on all pulleys and then refit your plastic shields and top cover!

    7, smile in the knowledge that you have done it yourself and have a refreshing drink.. you deserved it!

    cheers, PAUL.

    ps sorry there was no pics, i did'nt expect to be able to do this myself, just go's to show how easy it was!
  2. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    ages since i opened mine but there is a tensioner for the aux belt also iirc
  3. jimp

    jimp New Member

    I just paid these guys to replace the timing belt on my 2.8 and got some pictures of it. The bumper and headlights had to come off!!

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