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Un-expected service costs on an Audi approved used car

Paul76R Sep 11, 2012

  1. Paul76R

    Paul76R Member

    I bought my A3 from Truro Audi at the end of last October under the approved used scheme. It was bang on 4 years old and with only 32K miles from the one previous owner.

    Now, when i've bought all my previous cars (not Audi) i've bought them from a main dealer and they have always come with a new MOT (if needed) and a full service, hence having at least a year of trouble free and cost free motoring.

    With my A3 i found it needed MOTing in May and also the DSG gearbox oil & filter change. I have now been informed by the DIS that the car needs a service in 12 days or 7000 miles which is less than 12 months since i bought the car (which included a service as the service light was on at the test drive) and i've only done just under 9K miles. I've queried this today with Truro Audi who have also added that as its now 5 years old it needs a cam belt change! I've been quoted £299 for the service (major inspection, last one carried out in Aug 09) and £429 for the cam belt. This is on top of the £300 i spent on the DSG service and MOT.

    My question is; i am being unreasonable to be pissed off that all these things weren't done at the time of purchase? I don't expect to get a yearly maintainace bill of £1000 plus on a car that's "approved used" I though cam belts were 8 years or 80k?

    This is despite the sticker they placed on the windscreen last year quoting next service due at 52k or Oct 13 & MOT due Oct 12. All of this information which i took for granted is not correct.
  2. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    They'll have reset the service indicator before it was sold to you, not the day you picked it up, and it's also just a reminder that a service is coming up. It shouldn't have been implied that you'd need nothing but an MOT for the next 20k or 2 years if they knew it was due a cambelt and DSG service. If you have the sticker, or a photo, or any record of it then you've got a case to take up with Audi about the servicing being misrepresented.

    I don't know why you'd expect them to do any major work a year early to save you hassle though (which is how I read your post).

    And cambelt intervals change from car to car, not sure what A3 you have nor what the specific intervals are for the various A3s.
  3. icekay

    icekay Member

    Complain to Audi UK
  4. Paul76R

    Paul76R Member

    Fair point about the cam belt, but the DSG should have been done at 4 years or 40k and also when i read the service record now the last (and only) inspection service was done in Aug 09 which is now over 3 years ago. In the book it states it should be done every 20K or 2 years which means it should have been done surely before i purchased it last year?

    As for the MOT, it makes no sense that it needed doing in May, that would have meant it had its first MOT done 4 months before it was required at less than 3 years old?
  5. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    My experience is that Audi Dealers will do the least they need to have the car ready for re-sale.
    £300 for DSG Oil and MOT is a rip off. I'd say it should be more like £240.
    Every manufacturer incl VW/Seat/Skoda tends to quote differing intervals for cambelts. Norm is max 5yrs or 60kmiles. However at £429 this should include a new water pump and all pulleys.
    Do not forget the 2yr brake fluid change..

    My advice, take a mini break.. hope on a ferry to France to have the work done there.
  6. Dannykn9

    Dannykn9 "Cruise My Ride" VCDS Map User

    That price of £429 is a fixed price which does not include water pump or tensioner. Expect to add another £100 in top.
    If not fused about a main dealer stamp then I would suggest find a good independent specialist to do the work. You will be surprised, they can be up to half the dealer price whilst still using genuine parts, and 9 times out of 10 these guys are ex-vag technicians.
  7. Brodster

    Brodster Well-Known Member Team Ibis VCDS Map User Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Thats not good at all. The 2 used Audis I bought from Edinburgh before my new S3 came with 2 years free servicing........I thought this was across the board for all used Audis bought from main dealers.
  8. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    The offers normally only apply to buying it on Audi Finance...
  9. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    yeh i had this when i brought an a3 with 54k on the clock... it hadnt had a dsg fluid change or cambelt in 5 years so I gave it a one time major service... but only had the dsg done by audi and cam belt... oh and make sure they dont stiff you.. at that age and mileage its good practice to change the water pump... audi didnt do mine and sods law it went at 64k... i also changed: battery, cam follower, coil packs, spark plugs, coolant and n80 valve. stuck a can of bg44k in the fuel tank and that helped bring the mpg back up... it seems to me like some people get rid of cars anyway at that age/mileage as they know/think it will cost and dealers/trade sellers are keen to sell before the major service is due too and pull out the usual sales **** of "its just had a service." Yeh mate probably a minor one several thousand miles ago but now its due big time. its an expensive affair. change my oil ever 3k as well.
  10. SootySport

    SootySport Well-Known Member Team Silver

    You can't trust a dealers salesman to tell you everything that will be needed in the next 12mnths. I've learnt that from experience of buying cars over the decades, Main Dealers now are no exception these days. The only way to make sure you are getting a fully serviced car is to negotiate a service package when buying the car in the 1st. place.
    You also have to take into account cars in general are more reliable and not a lot goes wrong these days, the Main dealers kinda rely on expensive services and sometimes frivalous extras preying on your peice of mind.
    For instance, I have a Toyota Auris that has been main Dealer serviced all it's life. No cam belt to be regularly changed, 2year service interval but once you're booked in for a service,
    service receptionist gives you a grilling
    " Engine flush is advised sir"
    Me "No thanks, is the pollen filter changed"
    Recep " Pollen Filter is extra £49 sir"
    Me " I'll do it myself for £13 pounds"
    Recep " Oh yes but we use Genuine Toyota parts and technicians"
    Me after popping over to the Partsman " Here is my genuine pollen filter for £13, I'll fit it myself. do you change the air filter on this service?"
    Recep " No sir it's due every 2 years"
    Me "But this is the major 4 year service, I think it deserves a new one"
    Recep " Ok but it will cost an extra £52"
    Me after popping over to the parts man again " Here it is for £22, I'll do it myself"
    Recep " your a/c is also 4 years old as well, it's due for a service, we can do that for £60.
    Me " A/c has no service parts, don't you mean a regas for that money?"
    Recep " Oh no sir, there is no regas for that £60 it is just a service by our trained Techs"
    Me " No thanks, the a/c is working fine
    Recep. " Would you like a special discount on a Full valet with Genuine Toyota products it's only £80 this month"
    Me " No thanks"
    Recep " Have you had an insurance quote from upstairs recently?"
    Me " yes it was about £300 more than what I'm paying now per year and I don't want it, Can you just tell me how much the Major service costs"
    Recep " It's £299 sir"
    Me "Ok, carry on then"
    Call me mad if you like, I just wanted get out of there and leave them to it. I've also had previous VAG cars serviced at the Main Dealers and believe me, VAG dealers and servicing costs are quite reasonable.
  11. SWILKO

    SWILKO Member

    I had a phone call and flyer rom Edinburgh Audi, plugging their £429 cambelt change offer. Would not touch them with a bargepole after my first and last experience. Autohaus at Loanhead for me every time!

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