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Tyres and Quattro

Nitrouslover Jan 5, 2010

  1. Nitrouslover

    Nitrouslover New Member

    Hi guys, I have recently (Christmas Eve) picked up a 56 plate A4 Tdi 170 Quattro and have concerns over the tyres. It has PZero on the back and Bridgestones up front. I have read the manual and it states that all corners should have identical tyres, including wear etc. Can I get away with this, or is it advisable to buy a set of 4 replacements and flog the old ones on Ebay?

    The tread depth looks uniform all around at 5-6mm and I can't really afford £400-500 at the moment, but I couldn't afford anything breaking because of this either.

    Any advice would be appreciated,
  2. dan_the_v8man

    dan_the_v8man Member

    Did you buy from an Audi dealer by any chance? If so they should sort you that out. Personally I wouldnt worry too much though
  3. rowdyboy

    rowdyboy Member

    Quattros should definitely have the same tyres all round or you may get issues with the clutch etc. Read other threads, Audi have replaced these at their own expense due to supplying cars with mismatched tyres. So it must be critical. Where I get my tyres will only fit 4 at a time and won't just do the most worn 2.

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