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Timing belt

aaron61191 Jul 7, 2012

  1. aaron61191

    aaron61191 New Member

    Im kinda new to this & this is probably quite a common queerie,

    I have a 1998 audi a3 1.8 turbo, just curious to how often the timing belt needs changed? i has some history which states it was done at around 78k i think, so how often after that? & also should i get water pump done at same time? any help would be great thanks.
  2. beachbuggy

    beachbuggy Well-Known Member

    For me, 60k or 5 years which ever is sooner. Not worth the risk leaving it any longer . Audi say 80k but that's too long I think.
  3. audimad100

    audimad100 Member

    i do mine every 40k or four years on my S4, i would also do the water pump thermostat and anything else that can be done while the belt is off. this will save you time and money in the long run.
  4. aaron61191

    aaron61191 New Member

    great thanks for the advice guys :)
  5. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    ive seen them snap at 67k..... leaving them till 80k is asking for trouble imo.
  6. audia38l1

    audia38l1 New Member

    I've just done mine at 85.000KM.
  7. cjsuk

    cjsuk Active Member

    If you just got it, forget receipts! My 2001 1.8ts had a receipt saying it had been done 3 months earlier. The problem was nothing else got changed. I saw the belt (never had an Audi before) and it looked brand new nice and shiny and polished. I had a rattle coming from the belt side of the car and after doing some delving and research I came up with the tensioner. So I took it to my local Audi, VW specialist and they confirmed the tensioner and they said the belt may have been changed but it's knackered. I thought I was been bummed until they shown me every other a3 in there yard (about 12) and all the belts on them were ribbed both sides! They said as the tensioner wasn't putting tension on the belt over a short/long time the ribs would have worn down to a nice shiny polished look and within weeks it would have snapped! Sooo I asked them to sort it. When I went to collect it they shown me the water pump too and there is no way that had been on 3 months it fell apart just handling it. Basically what I'm saying is ........ if you like your car, throw caution to the wind, there are 4 basic things you want to be doing (on used) 1. get the belt and associated parts done 2. Make sure when the belt is done they time it up right. 3. Oil and filter change (make sure the oil is right spec) 4. Coolant (which should be done when they take your water pump off). and all that will be the best money you ever put in to a car (until you start modding ha ha). Sorry for the 1 big block paragraph I'm using Windows 8 and it don't wont me start a new paragraph for some reason on the forum.
  8. aaron61191

    aaron61191 New Member

    hahaha not a problem mate thats great cheers!!

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