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Time to service my car again..recommendations..

danotto Aug 6, 2008

  1. danotto

    danotto VAG HUNTER

    Right my s3 is coming up to 80k so time for a service.my last service was at 71k. i changed spark plugs,engine oil,engine oil filter,fuel filter and cleaned my air filter.

    Im planning to change the following:
    Engine oil im currently using mobil 1 0w40
    Oil filter
    Air filter i have a pipercross panel filter,poss due a new one
    Fuel filter
    Haldex oil and filter
    Brake fluid.

    So basically what oil do people recommend as i said im using mobil1 0w40.
    What air filter im thinking maybe a green cotton or k&n panel filter.
    should i change my sparks again and if so what do people recommend.

    Im also running standard brake setup which is pretty poor dont wanna spend a bomb but maybe mintex or green stuff pads.

    all ideas welcome cheers dan

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