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Temperamental Indicator Stalks ...

Stu!!! Mar 1, 2011

  1. Stu!!!

    Stu!!! Member

    Hiya guys,

    When using the indicators, turning left is fine, whether it be quick click or full click ... but when turning right, occasionally a quick flick will indicate left a couple of times then right, but if you have to turn right and use the full click, it will always indicate left :blink:

    It sounds annoying but I cant help but think its gonna cause an accident at a junction or roundabout :w00t:

    Anyone else had this problem ?

    Also, I noticed I have the DIS in my clocks, but I dont have access to the menu because I have no control buttons on my Wiper Stalk ... did some models come without all the trip info / mpg / average speed etc ?

    Or is this simply a case of something has broke with a previous owner and they replaced with incorrect parts that dont work 100% :blush:

    Any help appreciated - cheers :sm4:
  2. MarkWizard

    MarkWizard Member VCDS Map User

    I have the same DIS and no buttons on the wiper stalk. I think this was a reduced version of DIS fitted to my Sport. I only have access to the "range to zero" feature. Am curious if I bought a new stalk from ebay if I could get access to all trip computer functions?????
  3. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    all you need to view the functions is a new stalk with the buttons on then you need to code it in using vag-com. The dis computer is already there it just needs activating. Bare in mind that the saloon and avant have a different stalk due to the rear wiper being on an avant and not the saloon.

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