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Tailpipes and rear valance

LaSarthe&Back Jul 6, 2006

  1. LaSarthe&Back

    LaSarthe&Back Member

    Hi everyone, I will be having a Milltek system fitted soon, and was just wondering what people around here have done regarding where the tail pipe poke out.

    Has anyone modified the valance to fit (like the VW 4motion) or do they hang below?

    Can't afford an S3 bumper just yet!!!

  2. Tallpaul

    Tallpaul Member

    Assuming you're talking about an 8L A3, the pipes sit below the valence with the Milltek system.

    I'm considering using the Milltek downpipe, CAT, and centre section/axle pipe then getting a custom backbox to keep the pipes discreet.

    The pipes sitting below the valence look like they're not supposed to be there so kinda gives the impression you've just stuck some cheap boy racer exhaust on. Just my opinion, but i like the OE look.

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