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Suspension Choice, what did you go for and why?

97catalunya Jun 9, 2013

  1. 97catalunya

    97catalunya Active Member

    Ok guys this is a question that I have asked myself over and over, when we buy our new baby's we get 4 choices and the dealer never has all of them for us to try, so how about a quick review of the different types to help people make an informed decision.

    Option 1: SE set up.
    Option 2: Sport set up 15mm lower.
    Option 3: S-Line set up 25mm lower.
    Option 4: Magnetic Ride, adjustable £995.

    I went for Option 2 "Sport set up" as this was what I test drove and was happy with it, comfortable enough but still sporty, I would have gone for S-Line but we have a lot of speed humps where I live and the Magnetic ride was just too expensive!

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

  2. JossyB

    JossyB Member

    2 and bit weeks of the "Sport" set up on my S-line 3dr and it is spot on. Still a bit firm when you hit a pot hole though !.

    I've had the "S-line" suspension on 2 A4 Cabs previously and that was good too. Very firm but felt like you were on rails. I went for Sport this time due to the dire state of the roads. If they improved I would probably go back to the S-line set up - looks the business on the right car.
  3. dieseldoug

    dieseldoug Member

    S-Line all the way, best ride and handling also completes the car why have the dog and not the ********
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  4. cemerson

    cemerson Well-Known Member Team Cosmos quattro Audi A3 S-line owners group TDi DSG

    SE for me. Not got the car yet though... always comfort and practicality over handling and style for me.
  5. viperfire

    viperfire Active Member

    S line sus for sure. SE if you're an old boring fart! Tin hat on ;)
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  6. dkpeter

    dkpeter New Member

    The selection of suspension has hunted me for some time after initially opting for SE suspension for my A3 sportback order. Before ordering I test drove both Sport and SE for 30min each however with weeks apart. I ended up ordering a A3 Sport/Ambition with SE suspension since I did not want to compromise comfort although the Sport suspension really impressed me. After a week I started to question my choice and again started to search and read reviews and road tests. I decided to do a test drive again at the dealer driving both SE and Sport suspension on the same day using the same route that included city, highway and motorway. And then I went into the thinking box again.
    The result was that I changed my order from SE to Sport. The loss of comfort didn't seem that big and to some extend properly can be reduced a bit with the correct tire choice. I just didn't feel that much of a difference in comfort when cruise around between the two. However the sport setup just felt so sure-footed and the smile on my face after driving the A3 with sport suspension, that made me go for option #2 in the end.

    I properly would have gone for option #4 however it is not available in my country yet and price is unknown.
  7. 97catalunya

    97catalunya Active Member

    Thanks for your replies guys I think this will really help people who are struggling to decide what set up to go for.
  8. Daveotto

    Daveotto Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Floret Silver Gold Supporter Audi S3 S3 Saloon

    Not got my car yet, but almost got sucked in by the "pro" reviewers and there dislike of audi sport suspension set-up in general.

    I test drove a sport on 17's and it felt better than my current 8P on 16's and SE Suspension from a handling and comfort perspective but was worried about the effect the 18's might have.

    Deliberated for ages and the clincher was that although from an appearance perspective I like my cars to sit up a little I did not think it suited the S line body styling so opted for sport suspension in the end.

    never considered s-line as sat in a 3 door with s line set-up and it just felt not right and too low for me.
  9. mjcourtney

    mjcourtney Well-Known Member Team Mythos Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group TDi

    Old fart here (although not actually that old!). Chose SE but mainly due to rural country roads and living on an unmade road it was more important to have the extra ground clearance. Test drove Sport and SE, previous A3 was a sport set up. Preferred SE for soaking up the pot holes, but it is perhaps slightly more vague in the corners than the sport. Could be tempted in to choosing sport next time....
  10. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Standard sport suspension for me. Have had two 8P S-Lines and they were rather firm. Never really bothered me but passengers felt it more I think. The Sport suspension on the 8V is noticeable more compliant whilst still being fairly firm. Handles well and doesn't "jiggle" quite as much on poor surfaces. Very good compromise IMO.
  11. RossR

    RossR Active Member

    I went for SE suspension. I'm coming from a Suzuki Swift Sport which corners beautifully but makes you aware off every variation in surface and produces a lot of road noise. My wife's car is a Seat Ibiza which is much more boring but comfortable. My aim when selecting my new car was to combine the best of both. The COD engine should hopefully achieve that in terms of performance, refinement and economy. I've specced every gadget from birth cars and a few more. The suspension was a tough choice though. I still agonise over SE vs Sport. I could only test drive the SE with 18s and so went with what I knew.
  12. JohnM100

    JohnM100 #teamSepang VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    I went for 'standard' Sport suspension on my S-Line.


    Unless you are a motorway road warrior, the state of UK roads is dire
    Vicious speed humps
    S-Line suspension with 40% low profile 18" tyres is a harsh combo.
    I currently have an A3 with Sport suspension on 17" with 45% profile and wouldn't want much harder.
    Test drove both Sport suspension on 17" higher profile tyres and S-Line suspension on 18s. Both felt fine but the test route was silky smooth Tarmac.
    Would have considered S-Line suspension if 17" wheels and higher profile tyres were available. But it wasn't.

    If the uk roads were in good condition then that would be another story, but I can't see them all being resurfaced in the next few years....

    Just my 2p.

  13. cemerson

    cemerson Well-Known Member Team Cosmos quattro Audi A3 S-line owners group TDi DSG

    I'm sure even with SE handling the car will handle better than my current car, and all the reviews say the handling has improved over the 8P anyway so not that bothered about going for the most comfortable setup.
  14. mfspen

    mfspen Member

    My car has the standard suspension, but I went for the 17" kinetic wheels (225/45). Ride is generally good, but where I live a lot of the roads are very rough and uneven, making the ride comfort only just acceptable.

    Whether it's due to the lower profile or the particular make of tyre (Pirelli P7), I don't know, but the tyre noise is absolutely attrociously bad on most surfaces.
  15. PhilConran

    PhilConran New Member

    SE suspension on my Sport due to the 3rd world state of the roads in Bucks. Soaks up bumps brilliantly and strangely, still goes round bends quite fast. Not quite as fast as the Caterham, but still plenty good enough for an old fart.
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