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Someone please show me the way

Dan s3 audi Sep 24, 2012

  1. Dan s3 audi

    Dan s3 audi Member

    Okay driving home not long ago, not driving hard and then all of a sudden i lose all power. The EPC light comes on (No power at all), turned car off and on again and gave it some on the way home and it was fine. put code reader on:
    16487 - Mass Air Flow (MAF) (G70): Signal too High
    17743 - Engine Torque Monitor 2: Control Limit Exceeded

    Now my MAF was checked not long ago at the map i had done at jabba, but it looks like its hinting towards the MAF from the faults.

    Any other ideas than changeing the MAF?

  2. StaceyS3

    StaceyS3 Well-Known Member

    One thing worth checking is to check for boost leaks as I have had thus when had big boost leaks ;)
  3. Dan s3 audi

    Dan s3 audi Member

    a few weeks ago when getting a map done they checked for boost leaks but i will check the boost pipe in the morning coming off the turbo as it gets a little hot from the relentles manifold

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