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Removing EGR valve

rickyquicky May 15, 2010

  1. rickyquicky

    rickyquicky Member

    Im hoping that giving my EGR a good clean may help make my car run a tiny but better (we can all wish lol)

    I know where it is and had a quick look, but to save me having to work out how to get it off would anyone be kind enough to give me a quick rundown of removal!?

  2. devonmikeyboy

    devonmikeyboy As far from JBS as possible !

  3. mcconnot

    mcconnot Member

    I cleaned mine recently.
    Take the EGR vavle off whilst still attached to the trottle body. So unscrew them from the manifold and unclip from the intake pipe at the other end. Then i unscrewed the two parts from eachother once out. I think there are three screws holding them together. On long one and 2 short.
    The reason i say take both out is that as you will see the throttle body will be just as caked in soot and grime as the EGR vavle will be due to its closed proximity.

    When i done it i got carried away and also ended up taking the intake manifold out for a clean. Im not joking when i say the manifold had a 1cm thick layer of what looks like black tar inside it!! I needed some home-made scraping tools and about 4 cans of spray to get most of it out.

    After all that i noticed a definite improvement in the cars smoothness and response. But i had also changed all the filters and oil at the same time too.

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