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Recurring airbag fault 01218

kip Jun 4, 2012

  1. kip

    kip Member

    Hello all,
    Trying to get me nut around this problem for a while now. Airbag light on scanned it and got 01218 passenger ignitor resistance to high. I've had this code in the past and reset it a few times in the past no problem. Now it wont go away. Done the usuall checked and cleaned the plug no different. Today I done the resistor trick and bridged the green and blue terminals in the plug coming from the floor. This cleared the code but it comes back up after a few seconds as always, I disconnected the drivers seat plug. This brought up the same code bridged that too, just to confirm that the resistor trick works and this time the code went from that side. Now where next? I'm thinking bad connection at the module or the loom itself. Anyone know how where the module is and where does that loom go once under the carpet?.

    Thanks Kip.

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