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  1. Hi guys my girlfriend has a 1.8 T sport (98) and at low revs every so often when you lightly accelerates it will "miss" once then go, i think this could be te plugs/leads as i have had experience with this on my civic, it does it whether hot or cold.

    where is a good online place to buy them, just pattern ones will be fine, dont have to be uprated or anything

    sites would be great so i can order them now,

    i went into Halfrauds but they said they cant get them (suprise)


  2. Danielson

    Danielson Member

    1.8 t uses coilpacks, and not leads, could be the plugh though...
  3. hmm well the leads are here and they look just like normal ones, what is a "coil pack"? it has the 1.8i listed on the box but it doesnt say 1.8 t :S
  4. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    Heard of same problem before but this was rectived by replacing power end stage (coil related part)
  5. imported_xlux

    imported_xlux Guest

    well the leads will have to be sent back , i took it to an audi/vw specialist in bournemouth and the guy said it sounds like a fueling problem and that it could be the butterfly on the t/b gunked up or the fuel filter, so i have just cleaned the t/b with cleaner, and will be replacing the fuel filter soon

    the guy in the garage said he could do a diagnosis on the car for £20 ,

    the "miss" only happens at low revs and with little throttle, it NEVER happens at high revs or wide throttle. could it be the fuel filter?


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