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non pd engine Tuning boxes, Your opinions

evomaster3000 Jan 27, 2005

  1. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    Was looking at getting a tuning box for my 1998 A6 1.9TDi Just wondered what peoples opinions were of them and peoples experiences of them.

    Power, torque, relaiabilty of them and engine, and any problems caused/fixed.

    Any info useful also wot types u got and price paid and place bought from.

  2. bought a tuning box from ebay bought 9months ago, works pretty well.
    got an a3 1.9tdi(110) i've not had any tests done to see what the actual power &torque increases are, but there is definitely more kick there when you put yer foot down.

    i haven't had any problems so far (done about 9000 miles with it on) fuel economy has suffered slightly - but thats prob due to my more active right foot. there's a load more smoke when you floor it compared with no box.

    paid £60
    recommended - oh yes

    i wasn't keen on spending the money to get a remap, which most people here say gives an even better improvement. but for the money it does make the car more lively

  3. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    yeah, the smoke thing wud annoy me a bit. But then again it wud shift when you boot it and leave others covered in smoke and s**t from the engine lol!

    Anyone else got smoke issues?

    not worried but sum say it can cause probs as more feul being chucked in and some not burnt.
  4. rickquattro

    rickquattro Member

    I had a Tuning Box on a Vectra for 70k miles. No problems either. It had two settings, changed by conection of a wire that was outside the box. This just changed the level of smoke output. Smokey or very smokey when accelerating hard...

    The car passed its MOT three years running with this fitted, no questions asked from the Vx dealer.

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