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New S3 v R32 v 130i v focus ST group test

silver75 Nov 3, 2006

  1. silver75

    silver75 Big Ron

  2. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    I see the Mazda 3 is there too,interestingly enough.
    I see it was only a fraction behind the Gti around the track.
    Third fastest time,but a whopping 7600 euros cheaper !
    That's practically a whole other car for the wife !
  3. tinka

    tinka Guest

    other than the war,the germans and the japs do most things better than us,their cars are amongst the best in the world,the germans built better tanks than us and better planes,i believe the me 109 was better than the spitfire,
    and we had rover,rolls royce,aston martin,tvr etc,all now gone bust or sold on,we cant seem to make anything last.
  4. co55ie

    co55ie Member

    The Japs make the best engines gearboxes and AWD chassis on the planet.

    The tolerances the components are manufactured to (for production vehicles) must make the European manufacturers weep.

    120bhp per litre N/A engines fitted to 25k cars that are the most reliable on the road. Amazing.
  5. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    More amazing is that the Mazda is just over a second slower than the S3. For a car that's going to be around £7-8k cheaper (even before you start specifying anything on the S3), there's little doubt now that the S3 is wildly overpriced.
  6. JasonM

    JasonM Member

    I think the S3 did very well tbh couple of things that heavily affected its placing is its cost (I think we're going to get this a lot) and the anodyne 4cyl turbo.
    It good to here they've soughted out the gearbox that was one thing I hated about the old S3 (mine ate two gear boxes !)
    The brakes too, thats one less expensive upgrade !

    Saying that & it was nearly a 2nd quicker round the track.

    They even scored the 130 better on fuel consumption ???
  7. steeve

    steeve Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team Ibis Audi S3

    What did it get in Evo, three and a half stars? The new Suzuki sport thing got 4 and the new Cooper S got four and a half ........ Seems like a lot of money for a less than average car, Dealer I spoke to last week seemed certain there would be an RS3. Goodness knows how much that would cost if they did one!

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