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New A3.....decisions decisions

steven04 Nov 17, 2012

  1. steven04

    steven04 Member


    This is my first post , but have enjoyed browsing through the threads on here ,most informative !

    For the first time in my working life I finally qualify for a company car. I'll receive a monthly allowance and I'm allowed to top up.
    Vehicle has to be a diesel and I'm stuck with the lease company assigned - no deals or discounts for me :-(

    I'm currently looking at an A3 sport or s line 2.0 TDI or possibly a golf 7 GT ,but I'm not keen on a couple of things on the VW (interior gloss finish on the dash for example)

    S line spec:
    Colour std brilliant black (not 100℅ yet)
    Privacy glass
    Folding mirrors
    Rear park sensors
    Sport suspension
    Load through system
    Interior light pack

    I looked at a sport spec , similar to the above but with
    17" kintetic alloys
    Xenon lights
    Comfort pack
    Load through
    Light pack
    Folding mirrors
    Black cloth headlining

    The sport price was within £4 as month of the s line...

    Any comments on the spec ?

    I had a test drive of a new A3 2.0 TDI s line a couple of weeks ago.
    Car had perforated leather seats and pearl red paint and had just 400 miles on it

    I must say I absolutely loved it, especially the interior, apart from the storage 'nets', which seemed out of place...

    I had the demo car for 5 days and I really didn't want to give it back...

    My other consideration would be a new Golf, but I'm unable to source a car to test drive. I really wouldn't want to order one having never seen one in person , only then to wish I'd gone for the Audi !

    The golf is cheaper and comes with more toys, but I'm not keen on the dash design or the choice of alloys...

    Well I think I've rambled on enough..I'll post up a pic of the demo car when I get as minute.

  2. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    Can't comment on the Golf as I've not even seen one. As for the A3, given the two specs you mentioned, I'd go with the S-Line if the price is that close. You've specced the Xenons and black headlining on the sport, which the S-Line comes with anyway and the rest of the options are much the same, so for hardly any more you'll get the S-Line body kit and badging on the inside and out.
  3. steven04

    steven04 Member

    My sport spec was an attempt to create a poor mans s line if you like , but isn't worth it in reality.
  4. steven04

    steven04 Member

    Demo car...


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